Plain and Simple

Two girls. One night.

Sarah and Betthany are the best friends. They work together live together, and are the best of friends. This one night is going to turn their lives around, as they meet the two most unexpected guys on the Earth. Is it for the better or for the worst?


26. meeting up

Guys it's chapter 26 I think this book is going to exceed 30 chapters but oh we'll :) voting and commenting really means a lot.

Oh and I don't know when exactly the Olympics are played but we can pretend so I don't want to hear about it

Betthany's pov

I watched as Narry jumped off his cat condo.

"Hey what's up?" Niall asked behind me. I shrugged.

"I'm nervous." he frowned.

"you nervous for a match." I sighed.

"This isn't just a match this is the Olympics Niall." He ran his hand through his bangs which was an extreme turn on.

"well I promise you'll do good." he lifted my chin up and his lips touched mine barely like a light touch. I smiled, I still don't remember anything but a glimpse, it was like a picture. A picture of Niall at my match when he got back from tour. I can close my eyes and see it, his face was full of sadness and pain.

"why was it full of sadness and pain." I whispered to my self, Niall didn't hear me thankfully.

"Lets go on this adventure to America!" I smiled. The Olympics were being held now, in Atlanta instead if brazil like we thought.

Niall gave my hand a squeeze as we sat on the plane, I was looking through my smile.

"who is that?" I pointed at the handsome guy next to me in a picture. I watched Niall's face lose all confidence.

"That is your ex boyfriend Carlos." He seemed angry and not happy. I shrugged.

"But you're my boyfriend and always have since when ever we met right?" He shook his head.

"we went on tour do you remember that?" I shrugged,

"A bit."

"well while on your we lost contact because of management staging things and you dumped me and went out with him." I rubbed my scalp all the information caused my head to hurt.

"It sounds right like I know this, but I don't remember a drop." he shrugged.

"Its fine I won't push you." I smiled and sank in my seat, Niall laid his SnapBack over my face, to cover my eyes. I smiled and closed my eyes.

"We're here come on." I stretched my arms and put Niall's SnapBack on my head.

"Okay where too?" Niall pointed to a car he had rented from enterprise. My team wasn't leaving till tomorrow night but I wanted to leave early to train and get a feel of Atlanta, it's been a while since I've been here.

"The airs different." Niall said as I turned the car on. I nodded.

"I didn't realize how much I've missed it, America, home." Niall's gave me a sad smile. I just stared at the road ahead of me, the dark and light of the cars passing by just making me even more tired. 

I stretched out and my hand hit Niall. He didn't move so I smoothly moved out of the bed. I got in the shower and by the time my hair was dry, Niall started waking up. I was curling it as he was showering. I sprayed the last bit of hair spray and I unplugged the wand. setting it on the counter.

"The curling thing is still hot so be careful." Niall let out what sounded like an 'okay' I walked to my suitcase and slipped on a little like peplum shirt with a leather jacket and some light wash skinny jeans, and some vans. I was brushing some blush on my cheekbones as Niall walked out. He wasn't wearing a shirt just wearing some chinos and shoes.

"I left my shirt in here, sorry." He was totally not sorry, i could tell by the smirk on his face. Niall had abs and toned arms his v line was clear, all making me dizzy.

"You did that on purpose!" I said turning around and running Chapstick over my lips.

"yeah I did." he said laying a hand on my back. I rolled my eyes and grabbed the keys.

"where are we going exactly?" Niall asked stepping outside.

"To a special place of mine called Dave&Busters."


"Your sex appeal is on a level bajillion and all these guys are staring at you." Niall says gripping my hand. I feel the blush creep on my cheeks, I have sex appeal? Niall grabs some tickets from the game we just played.

"I bet I can shoot more hoops than you can." I say pointing at the basket ball thing. He raises a brow.

"I highly doubt it, but you're on."


My patience was running thin, my best friend was flying in, then soon it would be my parents. this week is full of exciting things.

"Betthany, they are here." I looked up from my nails. I love the way Niall says my name it just rolls off his tongue, smooth like butter. I ran up to Sarah and gave her a big hug. Harry followed right behind her and gave Niall a hug too.

"So nice to see us all, in a group again." I chuckled at Sarah's comment.

Harry and Sarah stayed at a close hotel but it wasn't like right across the street.

"Man I didn't realize how much I missed America." Sarah said. I hadn't seen it on Niall's face but Harry's clearly flashed fear, what would he be scared of? Her leaving to go home? Hell I thought she would too but she didn't, she stayed.

"so where to for dinner?" I shrugged and we decided on a place, drove around for about thirty minutes then finally found it.

"Guys I've got practice in about an hour so."


"Listen guys we've got three days till out first game, this is serious, this is what we get paid to do. win a gold medal. you only win with practice though so lets go." The coach clapped his hands together and sent us on our way. practice was excruciating. I don't think I've been pushed that hard during practice, ever. I was going to go see Niall in the parking lot and I'm going to be disgustingly stinky and sweaty.

"You don't have to hug me." he looked at me funny then shook his head smiling.

"I told you, I like a girl who doesn't mind getting a little sweaty, or even a grass stains on her knees." I looked down at mine, sure enough my knees were green.

"oh hush." I said getting into the car. 

"You sure? I look fine? Sarah, do I still look like the girl who left home just yesterday." Sarah tilted her head studying me. she gave a nervous smile.

"sorta your hair had grown and changed but that's it, oh and your tat-" I interrupted her by placing my index finger on her lips.

"we do not speak of those." she nods with a devious grin.

"Betthany!" I turn around on heel to see my parents. I can't hold the excitement and I rush towards them, everyone but Sarah kind of lingers back.

"oh it's so nice to see you brafrannie we never do anymore." my dad said. I rolled my eyes at his nickname for me.

"well we sure don't miss your farts." my brother said. immediately I felt my face turn Scarlett. I turned around to see a big shit eating grin on Niall's face.

"Oh now look what you've done Mikey." Niall slowly cautiously walked up.

"Do you know how much money we've spent on you boy." my mom said now it was Niall's turn to feel the pressure, but instead he just smiled.

"really? well I'm truly sorry, but it's nice to meet you all." I looked at my brothers grown up face, it's changed so much in the past year. He was smiling.

"Do you know how many times she went around saying turdy tree, mimicking you." I gently pressed my hand on his mouth.

"Mikey doesn't understand what the past means." Niall was preoccupied with my dad though, I let out a sigh of relief. Mikey poked at my stomach.

"woah you're not even flexing." I chuckled.

"Neither are you." He waggled his eye brows, flexing his muscular arms.

"Lets go get food guys." I said after everyone either re-met or just newly met.


Aww he met mi familia, it warns my heart awwww lol okay enough fangirling. can't wait till the future chapters, I've got the shit planned lol.


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