Plain and Simple

Two girls. One night.

Sarah and Betthany are the best friends. They work together live together, and are the best of friends. This one night is going to turn their lives around, as they meet the two most unexpected guys on the Earth. Is it for the better or for the worst?


37. Making news

OMG almost forty chapter eek I love it hahaha.


(Sarah's pov)

I couldn't help but notice the lines on the sides of my stomach. I was trying to trace them and it was just making me upset. "what's wrong love?" Harry rarely calls me love. "I look like a zebra Harry." Harry pulled my hands away from my stomach. 

"No you do not do I need to take you to a zoo to remind if what a zebra looks like?" I couldn't help but laugh. "No I'm good." Harry kissed my stomach. "the doctor told you this would happen, twins is a lot." I felt my heart speed up. The sound of having two little babies was crazy. 

"we are going somewhere today." I frowned but slid my shirt down. I threw on my peacoat and some riding boots and was ready before Harry was. 

"I like your hair when you do that." Harry said getting into the car. I ran my hand over my hair, it was in a simple braid. I smiled. Harry's hand patted my thigh. I closed my eyes and drifted off. 

"We are here." Harry kissed my cheek. I opened the door and groaned as I moved my lazy behind out the door. "why are we here?" I looked around it was the clearing that Harry had said was his favorite place. It had become mine too. He shrugged. "I just felt like it was a nice day to come here." I chuckled and we walked around. I hadn't even notice the path that led away. "Harry look.." I turned to Harry to see him on one knee and I instantly knew what he was doing, tears started to sting in my eyes. "oh Harry." Harry just smiled and brought out a box from his pocket. "Sarah I know this night seem as if I'm only doing it for the twins but honestly, I would've done this a lot sooner. they helped me man up, and now I just want to know, Sarah will you marry me?" I wanted to jump up and down I wanted to scream. The smile on my face was ear to ear. "Of course Harry." he stood up and slipped the ring on my finger. I wriggled my fingers, the ring rubbing against the other fingers. He took me into a gentle hug and rubbed circles into my back. 

"How are we going to tell everyone?" Harry rubbed his chin. 

"I don't know let rumors go I don't really know." I nodded and I already had plans brewing in my head. 

Harry took us out to eat and I was wondering when was the wedding, when was someone going to see this thing I was carrying around, it was almost showing through the peacoat. 

(Betthany's pov) 

"Oh my god I told you to not do that."

I said laying on the bed next to grace. It was the next morning and I was in total pain. My head was hurting, my feet were hurting. I felt like I had been run over by a bus. I couldn't imagine how grace felt. "I feel like poop." I chuckled and sat up. "I'm starving." I turned on the tv and the news came up. "Betthany and a friend partying up: Betthany shows she's not affected by Niall's absence." I gasped and turned it up. 

"Betthany Stevens as we all know as Niall Horan's year long girlfriend, was partying it up last night. She wasn't seen with any guys so mr. Horan can keep his cool, but does a girl in Betthany's situation do this?" I threw my arms in the air. 

"what hell does she mean a girl in my situation. I'm not like a fucking pregnant girl who got knocked up by Niall's best friend." all grace had to say was 

"language." I rolled my eyes. 

"you aren't plastered over smile and the news. I look like a skank." She chuckled and threw a pillow over her face. 

"Speaking about one direction, Harry styles and his long time gf, Sarah jasinski, apparently are engaged." I dropped my cup. 

"What since when." 

"According to inside sources they've been engaged since he came back from the last tour." I felt utterly lost. "she's my best friend how could I not know something like this, it's already bad enough she's pregnant." Grace sat up. "she's what." I spun around. "umm nothing." I started walking towards the door but grace threw herself infront of my path.

"Betthany spill." I sighed in defeat. "Sarah's pregnant with twins." grace gasped as I had expected her. "since when." 

"Since thanksgiving." This time her gasp was even bigger. "That's so far along that's like five months." I nodded. she just sat there a minute. "Woah." I nodded. 

"don't say anything about it I never told you act like you don't know." She nodded and walked back to the beds. 

"Maybe we should just do something normal like visit the aquarium or something." I huffed, the aquarium I used to go there all the time, it was like our home. plus I had worked there before soccer. "I'm pretty sure certain people there will like to see you." I knew who she was talking about. A best friend of hers that became a good friend of mine, but I was oblivious to it and we were just best friends. 

"He probably hates me." I expected her to say something like nah but nope 

"well he surely won't hate you as much as chandler does." I gasped and felt my heart clench. 

"He hates me?" She busted out laughing. "I doubt it that boy and you were like this, kind of like you and Niall." I smiled but then it turned to a frown. 

"Me and Niall are not like this." I mimicked her. She chuckled. "It's crazy how you out of all of us got Niall." I looked up scared she was ready to stab me in the heart with a knife. 

"Geez I'm not going to kill you I just am wondering." I chuckled, nervously.

"He hasn't even texted me. I was on the fucking news all over America." I watched her cringe and then loosen out. 

"I don't know what to tell you." I shook my head. 

My phone started to ring and I answered it. 


"Sorry I didn't tell you much you're not here soo..." Sarah and grace had this weird relationship. 

"it's fine tell me the details." she chuckled and I knew she was sitting down. 

"okay well there is no secret engagement. we got engaged just yesterday." I felt like an idiot. 

"what about the twins." she laughed and I knew she was smiling. 

"They are perfect." 


Probably a short chapter but idgaf I'm sick and it's all grace's fault. 

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