Plain and Simple

Two girls. One night.

Sarah and Betthany are the best friends. They work together live together, and are the best of friends. This one night is going to turn their lives around, as they meet the two most unexpected guys on the Earth. Is it for the better or for the worst?


40. if he was here

So happy guys yay 

So I typed a whole bunch if shit but stupid ass wattpad deleted it ughhh F wattpad

a terribly short chapter guys im just trying to get to the good parts so i apaologize in advance of how short the chapter is, next week is winter break so ima be writing like amd so that means double updates, yay! hahhahaha dat this chapter was completed 12-16-13


(Sarah's pov)

Smile was bouncing off the walls this past couple weeks, with the engagement announcement and now the twins. I sat on Harry's lap as he rubbed my back. I pulled my hair to one side and let out a sigh as he smoothed out the kinks and knots. There was a light knock on the door so Harry got up. he unlocked the door and opened it revealing my best best friend in the world. 

"Betthany!" I shouted I stood up way to fast and the pain that came stopped me from moving further. "una momenta por favor." I rubbed the curved underpart of my belly and slowly stood up straight. "okay phew I'm good now where was I, oh Betthany." I wrapped my arms around her. She was laughing so hard she was choking. "Hey you will get pregnant and have kids one day and i'll be sitting on my beach chair laughing." she rolled her eyes and I knew exactly what she was going to say. 

"I'm not having kids." I mocked her as she said it. 

"Niall wants kids." Harry said from in front of the tv. I watched as the mask was painted across her face. The topic of 'Niall' was clearly not one she fancied talking about. Which of course made me wonder. 

"Where am I staying?" she asked all mono tone like. Harry started to stand but I shook my head, gave him the look of, it's girl talk. 

"What the heck is wrong with you, what is going on?" her answer surprised me. 

"I love Niall right?" 

"Hell yeah I don't think you've ever been this crazy of someone." She sighed. 

"I'm just not feeling it anymore." I let out a bubble of laughter I hadn't meant to let loose. 

"It's only because you haven't seem him in like four to five months I promise you'll see him you will kiss him, you will probably, but most definitely have-" she shoved her hand over my face. we both giggled and I hugged her. 

"I miss the old days." I felt her sigh. 

"Me too." 

"We need some bonding time and I know just what to do." She nodded and waited for me to continue. 

"Dress shopping!!" Her eyes lit up and she jumped off the bed. 

"Oh I can't wait let me make myself presentable for the paps, so when Niall sees me he's knows what he's missing." I stood up slowly and walked to the wall mirror. I lifted up my shirt and rubbed my swollen belly. 

"you really do look like a zebra." she laughed behind me. My lips went into a thin line as I frowned. "you know what, enjoy those size zero high waisted shorts, all I have been wearing is Harry's shirts and sweatpants. Her eyes went wide. 

"That is not expectable we are going maternity clothes shopping." she grabbed my hand and pulled me to my room. 

"This maxi dress you can still wear." She through it at me. "Go on put it on, you've already got that whole I've been a mom for thirty years look going, I'm not going to let you throw away your looks." I laughed her words just confused me. I walked to the bathroom and shut the door. I took off my sweats and slipped on the red dress. I unbraided my hair, knowing Betthany she was going to make me anyways. 

"come on prego." I heard Betthany shout from inside of the room.

I opened the door and stepped out. Betthany looked up and smiled. "good you look hot." she threw a pair of gladiators, that I didn't know I had, at me. I walked down stairs to Harry telling him what our plans were. "you look sexy." I laughed. "I'm pregnant the definition of sexy doesn't apply, moms aren't sexy." Harry chuckled and took me into his arms, I twirled on of his curls around my finger. "I love you." I nuzzled my head into the crook of his neck. 

"Have fun, don't break the bank." I giggled. 

"As if." I gave him one last kiss and I walked out with Betthany. 

We walked into the dress store and I automatically wanted to walk back out "Nothing is going to fit me." I told Betthany but she didn't hear, she was too busy texting. "Betthany." she looked up her cheeks were pink. I was about to ask who she was texting when a voice came from nowhere. 

"Don't worry dear we have a wide variety in maternity." I spun around and saw a little lady she reminded me of the young Jane. We followed her to the back and spoke to Betthany. 

After an afternoon of trying on dresses, I finally found the one, we also choose my reception dress. Betthany was in and out, she was too busy texting and as we were walking out I was fed up. what flipped me over the edge was when she giggled and bit her lip and started typing. 

"who the hell are you texting and don't lie I know damn well it's not Niall." She was still glowing from whatever she'd read. I snatched her phone. "okay fine is it really this big of a deal." I nodded as I tried to figure her password. Then she got a text 

Chandler: I know I can't wait to see you again xoxo 

I looked up mouth agape. 

"Holy fuck, this is the chandler that you dumped, the chandler we all thought you'd marry?" she smiled and fiddled with her fingers. she was clearly infatuated with him. 

"stop texting him." Her color and smile faded. 

"what? Why? No you can't stop me, my ex boyfriend is being a better one than my current one. Where is Niall's goodnight texts or good morning beautiful, I'm alone but then I get his text and then I smile. If Niall wasn't off doing god knows what, and we were talking everyday then I wouldn't be texting chandler." 

I sighed and ran a hand through my hair. "lets go my ankles hurt." 

"Did you find one?" Harry asked, Betthany walked up the stairs leaving us alone in the living room. 

"yes I did, it is perfect, you're going to fanboy over me." I said with a wink. he chuckled. 

"I do everyday." 


Chapter 40 es complete lol um I feel it's short but oh well #DealWithIt

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