Plain and Simple

Two girls. One night.

Sarah and Betthany are the best friends. They work together live together, and are the best of friends. This one night is going to turn their lives around, as they meet the two most unexpected guys on the Earth. Is it for the better or for the worst?


27. Football Matches

I LOVE Niall Horan and nothing is going to change, we're going to get married and have animals, like a pug and a cat and a German Shepard. #beni

The old days (11-13-13) lol

Early upates for you whores jk love y'all 

"You got this, I promise." I looked at Niall uncertain, he placed a light but tingling kiss on my lips and nodded toward the direction of the field. I got this I can do it. 

We had one girl down, we were down by a point and we have to win.

"coach I'm going in as forward." I looked up to Niall he was confused as was the crowd. if been playing mid and defense the whole time we've been here. This game was for the gold. I was automatically glued to the ball the opposite team jetted in trying to get it. a girl who I honestly did not like was in my way. I looked to my left to see Lilly. I passed to her and she have me our signal meaning she was going to kick it high and I was going to head it in. 

Niall's pov

He dark ponytail was swishing back and forth, the blonde in it was obvious. she was going into the game but she had said words with the coach. Looking at me she smiled. What was she doing? I know that look. Its the I'm about to do something that isn't very smart. she was already resting due to her hip, why is she going back in? I looked over at her mom and dad they seemed just as confused as me, well except for her dad he was intensity watching the game. I looked back she was a forward. I clutched my phone tighter. what if she falls.

Anger and worry were having a war inside of me and I couldn't watch. but I couldn't look away either. she was dribbling down the field her head looking around. Then the number 17, who I can tell Betthany does not like, got in her path. Her and Lilly did some kind of hand signal and Betthany took off towards the goal. I'm going to be honest and a guy she looks damn Hot like that. Determination on her face as the ball comes flying towards her. she's going to do a header. Okay calm Niall.

By now the crowds caught on and so has number 17 just as Betthany gracefully jumps and hits the ball, her head hits number 17. Then I gasp, the while crowd gasps, Betthany's body is laying on the field. The ball goes in the goal and everyone cheers but now everyone is crowding around Betthany and 17. I stand up to peer over the people, and soon I'm running down the bleachers and finally I'm at her side, she's in the locker room, the sports medicine people helping her.

"she'll be up soon don't worry probably just a concussion." 

Betthany's pov (sorry so jumpy)

The ball finally hit my head but something else did too. Then blackness. It was all of a sudden a dream state, but I was watching the dream, it was me walking into a club, it was Sarah birthday and we were ready to party it up. why was I dreaming about this ugh.

I felt the cold Ice on my hip. I gasped and took in a deep breath. A warm hand placed itself in my cold one. I turned to meet a pair of blue eyes.

"you know who I am this time do you?" I gave him a confused look.

"I'm no.." his eyes glassed over and I just watched the color drain from his already pale face.

"But I do know you never paid me back." I said smirking his eyes lit up and his grip squeezed on my hand.

"what are you talking about out oh wait oh my god you remember." he held my head in his hands.

"you remember." I nodded and bit my lip.

"you remember.... everything?" I nodded and his lips crashed onto mine. the one thing stayed the same, the feeling that I got when he kisses me. I let out a sigh it all felt normal, like this should be happening. I pulled away because my hip was on fire.

"let me back in the game, even if my hip." I got off the gurney, even though my hip protested.

"no I can't let you." I gave Niall the look. I walked out of the locker too and onto the field the crowd cheered.

"I'm going in." people tried to stop me, but coach new that I wasn't going to stop. My head didn't hurt but my hip did a little, after walking it felt better. I was finally back on the field I turned to see Niall sitting back down by my family and Sarah and Harry. The grass feels good and I feel like a news person, almost my head is now hurting after the first two goals I score, the match ends. we have just won the Olympic gold medal. My first one. I'm lifted up on people's shoulders and we're all cheering. But I can't focus everything is blurry and I'm present smiling and cheering but I feel separate. they set me down and I get interviewed. 

"You look so sexy with that medal around your neck." Niall says teasingly as we walk into the hotel room. I smile and I'm so glad I have my memory back and I'm glad I didn't forget but I remembered. Niall goes to the bathroom and fixes his hair as I shower. I put my wet hair in a braid and spray it with hair spray. I'm wearing a red velvet dress that is quarter sleeves and the skirt comes about three inches above my knee cap. I slip on a pair of vans and grab my phone.

"Ready?" Niall asks his quiff is back to its perfect state. I can't help but place a kiss on his cheek. He seems shocked by my actions.

"What's all this about." I smile and try to push away the blush on my cheeks.

"it's nice kissing you and it feeling normal." he gives me a sad smile and we hop down each step. except after the first jump pain seers through my hip so we walk. 

I'm greeted with a big hug from my mom. "I was so worried about you, but I should've known you and that hard head of yours." she said her brown eyes sparkling. I smiled and gave her a tight squeeze before walking over to my dad. I go to do our special hand shake but instead he pulls me into a hug. I hug him back and then we make small talk. I've really missed my family. I almost want to move back but I can't leave London. I walk over to Niall who is chatting with Harry and some others.

"where's Sarah?" I asked Harry, realizing I don't talk to him.

"she went to the bathroom." I nodded and turned around marching to the bathroom.

"Betthany?" I turned around to see Sarah she creepily walked up to me and made this weird animal voice.

"oh my gawd chikie I was so damn worried about you." she said wrapping her arms around me. I chuckled. Niall walked over

"sorry there is some ones in here but it's twenty like I promised." I smiled and took the money. Sarah's jaw was wide open.

"you bes close that Harry's bound to walk by and his pants are going to expand as fast as your jaw dropped." Her mouth opened even more until she let out a whatever.

"you remember." Niall lets out a laugh.

"damn straight and the first thing she said was that she didn't know who I was but she knew I owed her a twenty still." I smiled a shit eating grin. Niall pulled his arm around my waist as we walked to the opposite side of the restaurant, where the table were. We were all going to have a lovely dinner celebrating the win. 


Yay yay yay yay that's all I have to say is yay! lol well now I just want wait nvm I won't finish that sentence anywho sorry about Sarah lack of editing I guess I have to find time to :) - ßetthāny 


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