Plain and Simple

Two girls. One night.

Sarah and Betthany are the best friends. They work together live together, and are the best of friends. This one night is going to turn their lives around, as they meet the two most unexpected guys on the Earth. Is it for the better or for the worst?


12. Departure

Here's chapter 12 :) hope you guys don't cry with me. :'( 

Betthany's pov

I snuggled into Niall's chest. Shortly after dinner last night Niall had "snuck" me out of my own house. 

*Flash Back*

I sat on my bed, packing up my freshly washed football gear when I heard a tink on my window. I looked out to see Niall. His hands were shoved into his jumper. I quickly threw on some sweats on my bare legs. Sliding slides on my feet and running down stairs. Sarah and Harry were in her room watching TV. I exited the house quietly.

When I got to Niall I giggled," I feel so badass." He rolled his eyes. "You were street racing today but when you sneak out if your own flat you then call yourself a badass?" He said I chuckled.

"I never did this as a teen. My mother would say you're a bad influence." He chuckled. "I'm a very good influence." We pulled into his garage and he guided me inside, his flat was neat but his room was empty. There was the basics but his closet was empty an empty desk. Empty. "Where is everything?" He leaned against the door way. "Packed up for the tour." I nodded. 

After watching like ten minutes of a scary movie I crashed. 

Niall's pov

I gently picked her up and laid her on the bed throwing the duvet over her. I was going to sleep in the saucer chair when she whispered. "It's okay."

I looked back at her. She was sleeping, which baffled me. Maybe she was having a dream? I shrugged and climbed in bed too. Immediately she latched her arm around me and laid her head on my chest. I chuckled. Maybe she was.

"You were just pretending the whole time." I whispered as I closed my eyes.

*Flash back over*

Betthany's pov

I didn't want to get out of bed. I just wanted to lay next to him and go out on a date today and just hang out. I rolled out of the bed and walked to his bathroom, after finding it. I rinsed my mouth with water and air dried my hands. I walked down the hallway wondering what all the rooms were. As I put my hand on the knob another hand grabbed my hand. I twisted around to see Niall.

"God you scared me." He acted as if he was hurt. " I didn't think I looked that bad in the morning." I chuckled and pressed my lips on his. Then my phone buzzed. Niall pulled away as I checked my phone. It was a reminder. 

"Take Niall to the airport." 

I groaned and grabbed his hand. "Wait before we take off here." He handed me his jumper and a pair of basketball shorts. I smiled.

"I don't know if I should wear them 24/7 or never so that they smell like you." He chuckled and ruffled my hair. "Hey!" I said fixing it back to normal. I got into Niall's car and we drove to the airport, realizing I'd have to take the bus or I'd just walk. We walked into the airport. Little groups of fans crowded. Niall's grip on my hand tightened. I hope people don't hate me I mean I try to act like who gives a fuck if they hate me but it's all a façade.

"Niall can you sign this?" Or a "Niall, can I have a picture with you?" I just let him be, it was his job anyways. Just like this tour. It was horrible but it was his job. I mean shit, I was going to the Olympics this year. 

Once we got to the terminal, Niall wrapped me up in a big I guess as the directioners called it once upon a time a Horan hug. I felt tears trying to fall from my eyes. " promise I wont cry."

He chuckled. "Its fine. I'd feel hurt that you're not sad." He said nonchalantly, but I could tell he meant it. I felt him chuckle and squeeze me tighter. "It'll be fine I promise," he said lifting my chin up.

"What makes you think that?" I said sobbing, letting all my tears flow. He wiped my cheeks, "because I love you." I smiled as I hiccuped. "Well, you'll be fine too because... I love you too." I said confidently. hHe smiled and kissed me one last time. as he walked away I got a text. 

I'll face time you as soon as we land. 

I sighed and turned around and walked back to the car. 

Sarah's pov

I already had the tears flowing quietly down my cheeks. As soon as I felt them I turned my head out to the window so he couldn't see. I had also rolled down my window so the cold London air would dry my tears.

"Rolling the window down makes your eyes drier so therefore you cry more." I turned to him and groaned. "What are you talking about?"

He pulled into the parking lot and parked. I got out and opened the trunk. Harry grabbed his suitcases, which just caused me to let out a painful sob. "Come on babe. It'll be fine I'll text you everyday and we can face time and if that doesn't work then we can have Skype and oovoo and god knows what else."

I chuckled "Okay babe. Be safe have fun and don't forget about me." He gave me a small sad smile. "Here take this but only open it when you miss me." I gave him a confused look, but nodded. I took the folded up paper and slipped it into my back pocket. Harry pressed his lips onto mine, giving me a kiss that made me go weak at the knees, I gripped his arm for stability. When we were done he rested his forehead onto mine.

"It's not forever, it could be worse, I'm not going to war."

I nodded, "its your job go have fun." He gave me a tight squeeze and just as he turned I caught the sight of the tears trailing down his cheeks. I took in a deep breath and walked to my car. Pulling out of the airports parking lot I noticed the bright red mustang and the brunette leaning on her steering wheel. I decided to let her be and drove to the flat.

Nobody's pov

Harry had finally made it up to the boys, of course he'd taken a stop at the restroom. He didn't and couldn't comprehend why something like this was having such a big effect on him. Causing him to actually cry. Sarah just had that effect on him. It'd taken every ounce of him not to break out crying when they were saying their good byes. He had to keep reminding himself it was only for a couple of months, then he'd be right back and she'd be in his arms again, continuing on their wonderful
relationship. When he got back Misha would be ten times the size he was, he wouldn't even really know who Harry was.

Letting out a deep sigh Harry boarded the plane and couldn't help but notice that every girl he saw looked just like Sarah. This was going to be a long tour, he thought to himself.

Niall was absolutely no where. he felt as if he was on cloud nine and then he felt like he was in hell. He'd finally told Betthany he loved her. When did he was sure of it, but the fear of her not loving him back hurt. Niall was able to breathe a sigh of relief when she'd said it back. But instead of going home with her and cuddling on the couch, Niall was boarding a plane to go to their first destination to preform. It was going to be a tough time for the band. Very awkward, Harry could see the glint of hatred towards Zayn in Louis eyes. It was always returned. Niall just ignored it. 

He just turned his attention to Liam, who was doing the same, observing. Why had this have to happen? Liam thought to himself. It was just stupid how could such a strong band he ruined? Liam let out a sigh and turned his attention back to Danielle. He didn't want to be here. They should be fixing their relationship and going out. Liam was able to fall asleep though Zayn and Louis's hatred was poisoning the air. 


*sobb* 😭 Niall's left. what's a fangirl todo? so I'm ungrounded puntas! lol jk jk. haha so um yeah. and wth is all this hatred I can't gosh at least we still have Narry and hiam or whatever. and niam. if I don't ship Narry I ship niam. but anyway enjoy :) ~ Betthàny (ps whoa the a is cool looking.) 

Ah no no no *SOBS* What will happen when they are gone?~ Sàràh (not as cool on Sarah's, jk wuv u Sarah my wonderful editor hahaha) -betthàny 

PS I'm confused by Betthany's note.. ._. ~Sarah

Sorry I was drunk when I wrote it ;) so honestly I don't know what it says either - Betthàny 

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