Plain and Simple

Two girls. One night.

Sarah and Betthany are the best friends. They work together live together, and are the best of friends. This one night is going to turn their lives around, as they meet the two most unexpected guys on the Earth. Is it for the better or for the worst?


15. all is different

Sob sob what am I to do with out my Niall 😭.so much for sarry & Beni. 

Harry and I will never be, even if Sarah did die, its all because one thing. ( Hah see what i did there?) Harry hates olives, we are not compatible - Betthàny 

Ohh ps Carlos is played by Taylor L. so that's why I'm okay with this situation lol. but nobody compares to Niall. (man I'm on a roll with these song names :) )


Betthany's pov (yay) (finally-Sarah)

More pictures of them with fans, they were having a wonderful time. My heart ached.

"Come on babe are you still looking at him?" I turned around to see Carlos walking in. "Sorry just wanted to see what he was up too."

Carlos wrapped his arms around me and trailed wet sloppy kisses up my neck. I held back a groan of disgust. "I've gotta go tighten my starter plug." He pulled away and nodded. "Okay I'll see you later." He laid a hungry kiss on my lips and walked away, leaving me wondering what I was doing with my life.

I walked to my mustang and popped the hood. Leaning in, I started tightening what was loose. This'll be my like my 50th street race. Sarah asked me why was I doing this. Honestly, I have no idea. I actually was going on to bigger and better races with harder competition. The only problem was the danger level was getting more and more dangerous.

I drove home not wanting to be around Carlos right now. It's not that he wasn't good looking, trust me he was, but he wasn't Niall. He didn't give me those sweet lingering kisses or hugs that seemed to last seconds but were mere minutes. He was always kissing me hungrily and forcefully but with Niall it was smooth and gentle. Now Niall was in the past, gone.

He obviously had better things to do with other American fan girls. What the hell ever. To hell with him.

I didn't realize how fast I was going till I was seconds away from the flat. I pulled into the drive way too fast for my old liking. I slammed the door and walked in. slamming the door. I walked into a strange scene. There was Nick and then there was Sarah. She was cooking and he was going through his phone. It was weird seeing another man other than Harry at our flat.

"Oh, hi Betthany." I didn't reply back, I just ran up stairs. I changed into the first shirt I grabbed and shorts, then my red supras. I added my leather jacket and some other accessories. I walked to get a piece of gum passing by Sarah. "Um Betthany."

I rolled my eyes and turned around. "What do you want?" She bit her lip. "Keep your leather jacket zipped up." I looked down to see what I was wearing. My shirt that said crazy mofo. The one that looked like the one Niall had. I turned around quickly so no one would see my eyes glass over.

I hurried out the door slamming it, speeding out of the drive way. When I got to the strip, Carlos saw me. I just pretended that I didn't seem him. I parked the GT and got out. As I propped the hood I felt hands on my hips. I turned around to see Carlos centimeters away from me. Distraction, my mind told me. I smiled and decided to use my acting skills.

I leaned against the car and played with Carlos's black hair. "You look sexy tonight," I said. He smiled revealing his pearly whites. his soft lips planted themselves on mine as I slipped my hands up his black shirt. I felt his tight stomach each curve of his abbs. His hands slipped into my back pockets. he let out a moan as we heard hoots and hollars. we broke apart and he immediately grabbed my hand. his possessiveness was annoying, but It was the opposite of Niall. we walked up to the place we usually go to and sign up. 

I sat at the line Carlos leaning into my window. "we weren't finished. win for me babe." Carlos whispered against my ear sending tingles down my body. I turned to him and faced him planting a kiss on his lips, he slowly back away as I turned back to face forward.

I sat on the sofa my recently tanned legs laid out and intertwined with Carlos's. "you never let me finish what we started," he said as he played with my hair. I rolled my eyes but smiled. 

"Okay then." I turned my body around, my arms stretched out above his head. These were the times when I felt wrong and disgusting. I always feared Niall would walk into the room. 

I hesitantly kissed Carlos. Though he did not get the part that i was hesitant, he just rushed into the kiss. I'm a person who doesn't like to go fast when it comes to relationship, which is funny because I play soccer and race where everything is just fast. I guess the opposite of niall will be the best, right. I was already bored as soon as we started kissing. Carlos stuck his tongue in my mouth and this time I couldn't hold back my cringe. 


I giggled and sat up. "That's a new thing for me and it's just weird," I said walking to my kitchen. 

"Why didn't you tell me?" He asked, following me into the kitchen. 

I shrugged. "I don't know, pride I guess." I felt his large hand grab my wrist. I turned around to say something but his lips crashed against mine. I felt my back start to touch the wall, what is going on? His kisses started trailing down my neck then back to my lips. I felt his hand travel up my shirt and latch on to my breast. Okay not cool bro. 

"We're moving to fast," I said taking his hand from underneath my shirt. 

"Well what do you want to do?" He asked annoyed. "Not any of that, maybe you should just go home." 

He frowned, "babe please. Look okay we'll go slower." 

I gave a sad smile. "Maybe I'll be in a better mood after we get some space, okay?" I said as I planted a kiss on his lips. 

"Oh goodness sorry." I looked up to see Sarah walking out. "No it's fine Carlos was just leaving." He nodded and walked out. Sarah shut the door behind him and locked it. 

"So what were you guys doing?" She asked. I shrugged, "he was just trying to get something that I'm not willing to give." 

She nodded. "Do I talk about Harry constantly?" I looked up at her. Of course she doesn't stop talking about Harry. 

"Yes, even when Nick is around." She frowned. "Nick hates Harry so much. I think half of it has to do with Veronica." 

"Who?" She sighed and told me all about her. "Well I'm going to take a shower. Oh did I tell you Nick doesn't like Supernatural."

I chuckled and made an omg face. "Surprise, surprise. Not everyone is going to be Harry," I said. Sarah stopped dead in her tracks. She turned around anger written on her face. 

"Carlos isn't Niall either, he's not going to be slow and considering like Niall. He's not Niall no one is but Niall." I raised a brow. "So what you are saying is that I'm expecting to have Niall come skipping back to me after everything or that I better just give up and throw my virginity away?" 

Sarah rolled her eyes. "God everything is about you." 

"Well you made it out to be like that." 

"Geez you never can take the blame for stuff either. It's always other people's fault because, star soccer player just can't not be perfect." She said storming off, leaving me dumbfounded and angry. I threw the pan into the sink. 

"Damn I'm far from perfect my life is in pieces." I walked up the stairs. "Gotta pick an outfit for absolutely no fucking reason." I said to Narry. I opened my drawer and saw the only two things that were folded in my drawer. I pulled it out and automatically the familiar scent hit my nose. Niall's jumper and basketball shorts. I grabbed them and hugged them hoping Niall would appear right in front of me. I felt the cold tears fall from my eyes. What was I doing? Why wasn't I trying to get ahold of Niall? 

I missed him so much. I just wanted him to hold me and play with my hair as he would whisper that everything is okay. As I held the clothing I looked at our last text messages, him saying he loved me. Was it true? Or was it a lie? I hadn't seen anything on the news that we were officially over. Were we? 

I just can't write authors notes with out crying bc I want my Niall back, Taylor l. is not helping me at all bc I need my Irish man. :'( - a sad sad Betthàny 

I'm sad too... OMG I wanna know what happens NEXT! EEEEP!- såråh

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