Plain and Simple

Two girls. One night.

Sarah and Betthany are the best friends. They work together live together, and are the best of friends. This one night is going to turn their lives around, as they meet the two most unexpected guys on the Earth. Is it for the better or for the worst?


9. 5/5

FYI the date is over I felt like there shouldn't be five pages of details about people eating.

Sarah's pov 

"Okay see you when you get here."

I hung up on Harry. Looking in the mirror I looked horrid. Dark circles obvious, redness around my nose. My hair in tangles.

"Lets fix this mess." I said to Narry who was sitting on the counter. I quickly applied my normal face routine. Making sure to add concealer under my eyes. Patting matte brown eyeshadow on my lids then lining my eyes with black eyeliner, adding my multiple coats of mascara. I patted blush on my cheeks and ran a coral colored lipstick on my lips. After my makeup I brushed my hair and decided to do a French braid. I was meeting One Direction, as a whole, so I chose my favorite coral jumper pairing it with some dark wash skinny jeans and tucking those into my brown furry boots. 

"Are you ready?" I screamed from the bottom of the banister. Betthany jumped down each step. She was wearing under armor sweat pants and an under armor turtle neck top that was skin tight. Her dark hair pulled into a sleek pony tail.

"Uh what the hell are you wearing?"

She shrugged. "Niall's taking me to football practice afterwards so I'm riding with him."

I couldn't help but let out a coo. "Well isn't that romantic."

She blushed. Actually showing emotion. 

We got into my car and drove to Simons studio here in London. Once there we walked into the room, our eyes lighting up as soon as we saw Liam, Zayn, and Louis along with Harry and Niall. Our inner fangirls were released, but our faces hid the excitement, then we saw the girls. Perrie and Zayn took up a whole sofa. She rested her head on his shoulder, his hands wrapped around her large belly. They were so perfect. Then you have Eleanor and Louis who were tickling each other. Eleanor's ring shinning bright on her tanned hand. Then poor Liam. His fingers dancing on his phone. Probably, hopefully texting Danielle when their next date was. Harry stood up seeing we had entered. Wrapping me up in a big bear hug. I exhaled as I took in the familiarness. Harry let go of me but his arm still wrapped around my waist as my hand spread out against his tight stomach. Zayn lifted Perrie off of him and stood up with Liam and Louis.

"Well it's nice to know that we still have some fans." Perrie nodded. We both shook hands and hugged Zayn, Liam, and louis.Then of course we got to sit there and talk with the girls, our time ended too soon. Perrie had a doctors appointment, Louis and Eleanor had a date with the wedding planner. Betthany and Niall went to her practice and Liam just left.

"Guess it's just you and me babe." Harry said tickling my side.

"Guess so. What do you want to do?"

He smiled. "Lets go play with Misha." I nodded as Harry pulled my arms and we got into my car, Harry driving. He'd finally gotten the hang of my old Impala. 

We entered Jane's flat above the bookshop. Our little Misha scratching at a ball. Jane let us go to her spare room and play with him alone. He had those magnificent blue eyes and black fur, but those white paws that looked like socks. Harry would roll the little toy to me and Misha would chase after it. After Misha got tired out we let him go back to his mum and sleep. 

I sat down on the steps of the library, the red carpet soft on my fingertips. Harry came and sat down by me. We stared at the sky lights. The stars twinkling. I felt Harry's hand grab my wrist and pull me onto him. Straddling him I rested my head on his chest. Feeling the rise and fall of each breath, and hearing the thump of his heart.

"I just want to stay like this forever." I said turning to see his eyes. Their jade color looking darker in the dim lit bookshop. He smiled, pushing me down a bit so he could sit up, he placed his lips on mine.


Walking in the store, without Niall, made me feel like I was naked. Meeting the 'whole' One Direction wasn't as crazy as I used to think it'd be. Everyone seemed ready to leave. I'd asked Niall if Liam always looked that payned. ( hehehe) He had said that Liam an Danielle were going through some things. I hoped they work it out, they were always the perfect couple.

Aimlessly walking through the store I spotted the clearance section. Making my way over, I thought I spotted some familiar faces. As I dug through I came across an old One Direction poster. It had been from their first world tour. They looked so happy and full of energy, I wondered what happened. You see, no one ever knew why the band was drifting apart. Some dismissed it as just because they were getting older and some were starting families. I don't believe that it's the real reason behind it. Something must've happened. Now you're saying "but the fans can get into anything." We know, and we tried. No one ever told the results of their search, whether they were payed not to or the results were never found. 

I decided on buying the poster. Once I paid for it, it costed next to nothing, I made my way home. After I got there I ran upstairs to my room and into my walk-in closet. There was a small door on the back wall that I opened and walked through. Inside that room had all my 1D merch. You may be thinking "you are dating Niall why would you still have that?" Well once a fan, always a fan. Plus Sarah has one too so no need to judge.

I walked out of my secret room just in time to hear the doorbell ring. Curious as to who is at the front door I looked through the peephole. I was shocked to see a man standing there with a small bundle of hibiscuses, Surprised I opened the door.

"Uh, delivery for Ms. Stevens?" He said, checking his clip board.

"Yes that's me," I said taking the bundle of flowers, shocked I had received them.

"Ma'am can you sign here?"

"Of course." After signing the paper I said goodbye to him and shut the door. Looking at them curiously I spotted a note. 

Saw these and they reminded me of you 

Xx Nialler

P.S are you up for a date Friday?

I smiled at his note. He is such a sweetheart! I took out my phone and sent him a text. 

Betthany: I just got your flowers. You are too sweet. Yes I will go on another date with you. :) 

<3 Nialler <3 : I'm glad you like them. Oh and dress fancy. ;) 

Betthany: Oh really? Where are we going? 

<3 Nialler <3 : you'll find out. :)

Sighing I put my phone down. Since it was Wednesday I had a couple days to plan my outfit for the date. I decided going shopping was the best decision. Getting my keys and kissing Narry on the head, I walked out to my mustang and put it in drive. Once arriving at the mall, I went into my favorite dress shop and started looking for a dress.

Once I found the perfect dress I was ecstatic. It was a a high-low dress with a blue top that had a zipper down the middle. The skirt part was black and a loose material. I picked out some nude heels to go along with as well as a new phone case. Gosh I love phone cases. While picking out new sunglasses and a new small purse, I remebered I had a leather jacket that would look perfect with it. After paying for everything and running out of the mall, I raced home (safely... psh who am I kidding, I own a mustang) and ran upstairs. Once I sat down in our shared makeup room, it was a big flat, I started to decide what makeup i wanted to wear. I went with a smokey eye and a nude lip, not drawing too much attention because i think my outfit does enough of that. 

After mentally preping myself for the date I decided to text Sarah. 

Betthany: Hey, where are you?

After sending it, I made myself a snack. Fifteen minutes later I still hadn't got a reply from Sarah. That's unusual.. I wonder what she's doing.. 

(Outfit For Betthany & Niall's Date:

I loved it but heads up next time if niall was in my phone ( oh the dreams of a niall girl) his name would not be niallers nope he would be the sexy beast. Lol jk he would be just what he is⬆ and I DO NOT put little xx's after every message I'm not mushy like that.~ Betthany

I hope that didn't utterly suck (cause i wrote the end). Anyways thank y'all for reading and voting! Much Love! PS I know no one likes to take time to look at outfits but it would make it easier if you did. Sorry. ~ Sarah.

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