the girl who lived.

16 year old Alex Speer is about to change her life forever, with drama, love, lost and the strange things that go on in her little town of Sunny Side, Florida.


1. The Beginning

Alex Speer was just the normal teenager, she got good grades and had good friends, she never though that one day she would have to pick between living the normal life or changing her life forever. This is her story.

Early Sunday morning Alex's phone rang "Hello?" she said in a sleepy voice "Hey, can I crash at you house? My mom and dad are fighting again" she rolled over and looked at the time 5:08AM "Yea sure, when you coming" "Now, get up" Alex groaned and rolled out of bed.

Emily was Alex's best friend since grade 2, they did everything together and knew everything about each other. Emily just tuned 16 a week ago on the first of October, her parents have bin fighting a lot so she's bin staying at Alex's.

I walked down the hall to my mom and dad's room "Mom?" 'What Alex" "Emily's coming over, her parents are fighting again" "Ok, don't make to much noise" I nodded my head an shut the door behind me, I shut my brothers door to, he's 10 and very annoying. 20 minutes later Emily rolled into my driveway in her red sports car she got for her birthday, she climbed out wearing a black sleeping with sirens sweater and grey sweatpants, she had her book bag and a suitcase, I opened the door for her "Hey Em" I said as she came up the door step "Im so sorry for doing this to you again" "It's ok, what are friends for, right?" "Yea" she said with a little smile well walking through the door.

We went up to my room and put her stuff down, she sat on the floor cross legged and looked around my room, I had posters of bands all over my walls. Emily's phone vibrated then the look on her face looked like she just watched someone get gutted in front of her, she jumped up and quickly turned the TV on and flipped to the channel 5 news, "There has bin another report of a killing, with multiple bite wounds and missing body limbs, please keep little kids and animals inside at all times" We didn't say anything for a little while, the reporter broke our silence "There has bin another victim close to the high school, with the same wounds, if anyone knows what's bin attacking these people please notify us right away"

We sat there in silence staring at the TV,  




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