A Childhood Memory

Basically, this story is about a girl called Samanda, who was best friends with Niall Horan since birth. Sadly, she had to move away to London from Ireland when they were both just 12 years of age.
It must be by fate that these two saw each other after 7 years. Samanda had been a fan of One Direction since the day she saw Niall audition for X Factor, as she realised that he was her childhood best friend when he entered the stage.


1. The memories

Memories. That's all I had left. I often sat and wondered if he remembered me. Remembered us. Remembered all our memories as children. While he's out there living the life of fame, I sit at home wondering if my childhood best friend, Niall James Horan, actually thinks about me. Then I snap back into reality and think "remember me? No, Samanda! He can't remember you". Because, he has all those beautiful girls screaming his name while he's up there, on that stage living his dream.


You see, I was best friends with Niall since birth, Niall was four years old when I was born. Maura (his mum) and my mum (Kerry) knew each other since children, so that is how me and Niall were so close whilst growing up. Scary to think, but Maura was there when I was born. (Creepy!) 


We got ripped apart when he was 13 and I was 9. I had to move to London and leave my best friend in Ireland. It's sad really, because I wonder if I didn't move away from Ireland when we were that young, maybe I could have been there behind stage that day he auditioned for X Factor, I could be helping him through hard stages in life, I could be helping him through his music career. I could still be his best friend! I'll always blame my mum for that. She split up with my dad for no frickin' reason whatsoever! Causing us to have to move away because Mum didn't want to stay in Ireland with all the memories of her and my Dad. So, me and my older sister, Fern got shipped off to London. I don't think I'll ever know the reason why my parents split up. When I try talking to my mum, she just tells me I'm too nosey and I'm too young to understand anyway. It pisses me off because a girl at 16 years old shouldn't be "too young" to understand why her parents split up. I'm never allowed to know anything in this house. Fern is her favourite. I hate Fern! She literally abuses me and my mum doesn't even care. Things would be different if Dad was still there. But he wasn't. He stayed in Ireland... I get called names, and hit whenever I don't do anything for Fern. She'll tell me to do something for her and if I don't do it that second she shouts me, I get hit. Bare fist, and it bloody hurts! I've always been scared of Fern. This has been going on since we moved here. I hate London too. I have one friend. ONE FRIEND! She's called Scarlett (Scarl for short. Beautiful name, I know!) We've been close since I started in the same primary school as her, we both got bullied by the same group of people and I do believe that is how we got close. This is where it all started..





I'm sorry if this is a rubbish start, but this is my first fan fic that I've written and I'm going to try really hard with it!

Would be good if you's gave me some ideas to put into this?

~Samanda x

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