A Childhood Memory

Basically, this story is about a girl called Samanda, who was best friends with Niall Horan since birth. Sadly, she had to move away to London from Ireland when they were both just 12 years of age.
It must be by fate that these two saw each other after 7 years. Samanda had been a fan of One Direction since the day she saw Niall audition for X Factor, as she realised that he was her childhood best friend when he entered the stage.


6. The Concert, Part 2

The lights suddenly went down. The arena full of excited girls was now dark and all the girls started screaming.. 

There was a loud bang, and as I looked up to the stage, the five boys were stood in front of me, One Direction. I scanned through them to find Niall. I saw him straight away. I smiled to myself, as I reminisced all our memories in my head. They started singing "Live While Were Young" while all their fans in the arena sang along. 

They sang brilliantly! They sang a lot of songs from the Take Me Home album. But the one which changed my life that night, was "Little Things".


The boys began singing, while all the girls swayed their arms in the air. All the way through the song, I watched Niall. I had my eyes fixed on him. It was like I was hypnotized for a moment. I hadn't blinked since the song started. He had me in a trance! He looked so beautiful. Now I understand why I fell in love with him when I was younger. 

It got to the part of the song where Niall sings. I sang along loudly while watching him. 

"You'll never love yourself half as much, as I love you. 

You'll never treat yourself right, darling, but I want you to.

If I let you know I'm here, for you. Maybe you'll love yourself, like I love you, ohhh"

I sang loudly the whole way through Niall's part, my eyes fixed on him. He looked back at me. I swear he did! I said to Scarl loudly in her ear, so she could hear over Harry's singing, "he's looking at me, I think he knows who I am!" 

She replied sternly, saying "Yes Samanda, I know! I can frickin' see!"

I looked back at where Niall was stood on stage, he'd gone. NO! Where's he gone? I shouted Scarl and told her to see where he was. Neither of us could see. Had he gone back stage because he couldn't handle it?

I started to panic... Then a big musculus guy picked me up by the arms. I squealed and wriggled out of his grip. I shouted Louise and she tried to get him away from me. Then I looked at his badge, and he was a body guard. He told me to stop panicking and Niall had sent for me. A big smile made it's way across my face, from ear to ear. I looked back at the stage and Niall was watching me. I smiled at him and he pointed to the man. I think he was telling me to follow him. The guy said to me "Niall reckons you were his best friend as a child, he wants you to see him. He wants to hold you again. He's broken without you".


Niall's P.O.V.

"Do you think she's going to be here tonight?" I kept saying to the boys before going onto stage. "Do you think she remembers me?"..  Knowing we were touring in London, it gave me more hope that she was here tonight. Samanda, my best friend. I miss her like crazy. The boys kept telling me I'm stupid for thinking she doesn't remember me. They kept saying "of course she remembers you! You're all over telly, news, radios. You're in the worlds biggest boy band, obviously she's going to remember you!" 

I guess the boys were right. It was time to go on stage, I just want to hold her again. I fell in love with her at a young age, and I've never lost any feelings for her. We haven't spoken for 7 years but I still think about her every day. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't think about her. 


We'd been on stage about an hour now. It got to my favourite song, "Little Things". It's my favourite because it reminds me of Samanda. I love her, I really do. I'm broken.. After my bit, I looked down at the front row....


I stopped dead. I froze. I couldn't move. She was there, looking up at me. She's here! I can't let her go. I can't! Now's my time! With tears streaming down my face, I dived off the stage to closest body guard. I told him to get her out of the crowd, I pointed her out to him and watched as he went to get her.. I felt nervous but happy. I couldn't even wait..



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