That Moment *Sequel*

Our Moment The Sequel!
Victoria Wells is struggling. She lost her faith and trust. But when a guy lifts her heart, she is in love again. Is that right? Or pigs aren't really flying? Kimmy is finding it not simple once she falls in love with Niall. Harry is lost in the maze searching for Kimmy's heart and trust again but is it true or is he falling for Victoria?. Niall, does he love Kimmy? Or Victoria. Clarissa was once a trusted angel but now, nobody trusts her anymore, especially not Liam.


46. Crushed

Niall's POV

I was about to ask her a question but she looked as if she was about to explode.

"Niall what is an ovary This is a 7th grade review." Ms. Lovato asked.

"Uh, um uh," I stuttered."It's a ... flower--"

"I'll see you in detention."

Well that was crazy! You don't know the question and you get detention. Is everyone is a crappy mood today? Whatever, I'm going to find peace in the detention room.


I knocked on the door, it was Mr. Simpson. He glared at me, I guess he knew everyone and everyone on the list except for me and my name so he probably guessed... I'm guessing! He pointed to the desks, I walked in and saw a bruised face with deadly marks and their hands were shaking, after a moment I realized that innocent bloody face.

It was Liam.

I sat down next to him.

"I wouldn't." Mr. Simpson said. I ignored him and sat next to Liam.

"What happened?"

"To me or to you?" Liam questioned.

"What do you mean?" I asked, clueless. He just scoffed and ignored me. I looked away.

"Clarissa trashedly (not a word) broke up with me," he cried,"no, I was the trash. I'm so SAD!"


We both turned to Mr. Simpson.

"Use a bigger word."


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