The Dare *Completed*

Nora is a nerd and Niall is a jerk what happens when Niall is dared to date her?


9. Chapter 9

I go inside, pulling him behind me and go upstairs, knowing that Miles is gone. "Are you sure about this?" Niall asks and I look at him. "Yeah, anything to get out of this relationship." I say and for a moment I think I see hurt in his eyes but it quickly fades and I earn a cocky grin. "Time to show you the best." He says, picking me up bridal styles and taking me to my room. I feel guilty that I am doing this but I want out of this relationship. He throws me onto the bed and he lowers himself onto me. I wrap my arms around his neck and he stares down at me. I entangle my fingers in his blonde hair and he kisses my jawline. He lifts his head and the once look of hurt is now filled with lust as he stares down at me. He kisses down my neck and I wrap my legs around his waist and close my eyes. His hands travel down my legs and then up. I kiss him and he bites my bottom lip. I tug at his blue Aeropostale t-shirt and he pulls it off. He kisses down my neck and fist his hair in my hand. I meet his bright, blue eyes and kiss him. All of a sudden, he stops and sits up. "What are you doing?" I ask impatiently. "I can't do this." He says and I sigh. "Niall! Do you realize how unhappy I am?" I ask and he bites his lip. "Nora, don't end this." He whispers. "Why?" I ask and he looks at me. "Please don't, you don't know how much I have changed since I have been with you." He says and I roll my eyes. "No, Niall, you are still the same jerk." I say but he shakes his head. "No Nora, i'm not." He says and I get up. "I am ending this, I am done being your girlfriend, how about you just tell them that we did it, okay? I don't care what you say, just don't talk to me again, I am done with you." I say, going to the door. "Nora." He says and I look at him. He gets up and puts his shirt on. "Listen, I know you don't like me, I mean, I know, I am an asshole but please, give me a second chance." He says and I sigh. "No matter how many chances I give you Niall, you will never change." I say and he grabs my hand. "For you I will." He says and I am a bit surprised. "I doubt it." I say, pulling away my hand. "I will show you." He says and I bite my lip. "You can try whatever, it won't work." I say, turning and leaving.

Authors Note

Hello Lovelies! Well, looks like things are about to end for them, or will it? Do you think Niall will change? -BoyBands&Viners=Obsession;)

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