The Dare *Completed*

Nora is a nerd and Niall is a jerk what happens when Niall is dared to date her?


28. Chapter 28

Marcel's POV

"You are such a fucking asshole." I tell him, wanting him to feel the pain that Nora is feeling. "I know." He says miserably. "How could you do that to her?" I ask, pushing him to the wall. "I did what I had to do!" He shouts and I roll my eyes. "Break her heart?!" I shout and he nods. "It's for the best." He says but I shake my head. "Why? Why is it for the best?" I ask, crossing my arms. "You wouldn't understand Marcie, just stay out of it." He says, walking around me. 

Nora's POV

I finally get up and start walking back inside. I might as well attend school since I am here. I go and pick up my books and then go to my class. Marcel sits next to me, kissing my head and I just stare down at the desk as I hear Niall walk in, laughing. I look up and his gaze catches mine. I look away from him, staring down at my notebook. "Alright class, end of the year, new seating chart." Our teacher announces and I internally groan. "Nora, Niall, back, Marcel, Harry next to them." Our teacher starts assigning seats and I look at Marcel and he grabs my hand. "Just ignore him as much as possible, I am right next to you." He says, getting up and moving and Niall occupying his seat. I turn away, grabbing my pencil and opening my notebook. "Ahem, can I borrow a pencil?" Niall asks and I just turn and grab one and set it down on the table. "How about we experiment with some things, this is a partner assignment, one of you will write down 5 facts about 5 countries and the other will look up the facts, easy enough." Our teacher announces and I sigh. "You sound excited." Niall comments but I just ignore him, glancing at Marcel who gives me a thumbs up. I put my name on the top of the notebook paper and then Niall's below mine. "You can pick the countries." I say, not looking at him. "Alright, thanks." He says and starts typing in something. He takes my notebook right out from under my arms and then starts writing stuff down. 

After a while, he hands me back my notebook. I rip out the page, getting up and going to the front of the classroom. "We're finished." I say and he nods. "May I use the restroom?" Niall asks, looking down at me. "Yes." The teacher says and I walk past him and sit down. I look down at my notebook and there is writing on the once blank page. 'Ask to go to the bathroom', I look up at Marcel and rip out the piece of paper and throw it at him. He looks at it but shakes his head. I nod and just doodle on a piece of paper. Niall comes back and sits next to me. 

The rest of the day goes by slow, I have no other classes with Niall so that was good. I go outside and Marcel is sitting alone. I walk over to him and he looks up at me. "Hey, how are you doing?" He asks and I sit down next to him. "Eh." I say, laying my head on his shoulder. "Cheer up, he is just missing out, anyways, we need to learn more about college." He says and I nod. "You're right." I say and he smiles. I look at Niall and he is staring at me. 

Authors Note

Well, this movella is over but I have been thinking it over, there will be a sequel, it will take a while to be put up but it will eventually be put up :) so thank you soooo much for reading this story!!! I love you!! -BoyBand&&VinerCrazed;)<3

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