The Dare *Completed*

Nora is a nerd and Niall is a jerk what happens when Niall is dared to date her?


18. Chapter 18

I stumble around, wiping my blurred image, searching for Marcel. I keep running into people. I finally find Marcel, sitting outside, against an oak tree with an open book in his hands. I run over to him and he looks up at me. "Nora, are you okay?" He asks but I shake my head. "I-." I start but am cut off. "Nora!" Niall shouts and I sigh. He walks up and I bite my lip. "What?" I ask and then his lips are pressed to mine. His arms wrap around my waist and I try to pull away but I can't. "Niall, stop." Marcel says and Niall finishes up his passionate kiss and then looks at Marcel. "What are you going to do Marcie?" Niall asks, pushing him. Marcel clenches his fists and raises one of them and punches Niall in the face. "What the hell?!" Niall shouts, stumbling to the ground. "Listen Niall, you lost your chance with her, it's my turn now." Marcel says and then grabs me. "I am not someone you can take turns on!" I shout, pushing him away. "Marcie, you are dead." Niall says and I turn to him, his nose bleeding, stumbling to get up. "Don't touch him." I say and Niall looks at me. "The little shit probably broke my nose." He says and I help him up and he leans on me for support. "Nora!" I hear Harry call and I turn and he is running up with Zayn in tow. "No, get away from me." I say, dropping Niall and moving behind Marcel. "What's wrong with you?" Marcel asks and I sigh. I look at Harry and his eyes are pleading. "Marcel, I need to tell you something." I say, focusing on Marcel. "Don't listen to her Marcel." Harry says and I turn to him. "Shut up Harry! What do you care what he thinks anyways?!" I shout and he goes silent. I turn back to Marcel and he looks confused. "Do you remember that one time, year or two ago, that summer you went to camp?" I ask and he nods. "Nora." Harry warns and I look at him. "You told all of your friends and i'm not allowed to tell one of mine?!" I ask and he glares his eyes at me. "No, since he is my brother." He says and I open my mouth but am cut off. "What are you talking about?" Marcel asks and I look at him. "Harry, he-he uh." I say, getting cut off again. "Nora shut your fucking mouth!" Harry says and I turn to him. "No! You told all of your friends!" I shout but he shakes his head. "I told them a different story!" He says and I roll my eyes. "Like I am going to believe you." I say and he grabs my arm. "They only know about us making out." He says and I look at Zayn and Niall. "You did something else?" Zayn asks and I sigh. "Not by choice." I say and I look at Marcel. "He r-raped you?" He asks, looking at Harry and then me. "Yes." I say quietly and I look up at Marcel but he isn't staring at me. "How fucking dare you?" He asks and my eyes go wide. "Marcel, shut up." Harry says and Marcel steps forward. "No, you shut your damn mouth, how dare you touch her, in any way?" He asks and I just stare at his intense green eyed gaze on his brother. "Marcel." I say and he doesn't even look at me. "Stay out of this Nora." He says, his voice deep and dangerous. "Don't talk to her that way." Niall says and Marcel turns his sharp gaze to him. "Don't talk to me at all you disrespectful piece of shit." Marcel says and I gasp. "Marcel!" I shout, pushing him back and he looks at me. "What is wrong with you?!" I shout and he actually pushes me and I fall into someone's arms. "Whoa!" I look up and Harry has me. "Dude!" Zayn shouts and Marcel glares at him. "I hate you, all of you." He says and then walks off. I stand up and turn to the three remaining boys. "What." I say, staring at them but they all just shrug.

Authors Note

Hello my lovelies, whoa! -BoyBand&&VinerCrazed;)<3

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