Home This Christmas

Short Christmas story.


1. Home This Christmas

Looking out the window
Waitin' for your head lights
To pull up in the driveway
It's really coming down tonight


I'll be waiting under the mistletoe
While you're driving here through the winter snow
Baby think of me if it helps to get you home
Your the only gift that I really need
Is to have your arms wrapped around on me
Baby think of me if it helps to get you home
Home this Christmas


 ❄ ❄ ❄ ❄ ❄ ❄ ❄ ❄ ❄ ❄ ❄ 



I sat where I always sit when I'm waiting her, by the window. The snow was falling, making everything look white. The Christmas lights were very well seen through the snow. Everything looked so beautiful and peacfull, but still my thoughts were about one speacial lady.


My heart was beating in very fast rhythm, beating out the clock who hanged above the fireplace. Every second that went by I hopped she'll pull up in the driveway. I know we had that fight which wasn't needed. I knew that she could not show up today, but something in me told me to wait for her.


Today was really speacial day, not because it was Christmas, but because today was our three year anniversary and today I wanted to as her to marry me. I loved and I still love every singel little thing about her, she perfect no matter what. 


As the clock hit eight in the evening, my hope was going down because soon December 24 will be over and if she doesn't show up I won't get the chance to make this day more special that it already is. And I really want that. She's everyhting that I want.


Car's were passing by, but no of them were hers. I knew her car mile away. It was the one and only in the whole town. From that day that she bought it, I haven't seen anyone else driving with the car like hers. 


Taking my eyes off of the road I looked over at the clock. 8:05pm, there's still time. Turning back to look outside, I rested my head againts the cold glass window. Christmas songs playing quietly in the background and the warm of the fireplace only two things keeping me warm now.



I was getting tired, and I don't know how long I've been sitting at the window. But no matter how long I'll have to wait I'm not giving up. If she doesn't come to me I'll go to her. I'll go till end of the world for her.


That moment when my eye lids were getting havy I saw another car, probably the 100th one, but this time it stoped right infront of my house. Pressing my face closer to the glass I could make out the car and the girl. And I knew that car.


Silver Volkswagen Jetta.


Jumping down from the window sill I let a smile take over my face. She came! Running in the foye I yanked the front door of my house open so I could hug my girl. ''You came.'' I voiced out as I pulled her close to me.


''I couldn't stay away from you.'' She spoked in my shirt as she wrapped her arms around my torso. ''Plus it's no Christmas with out you... with out us.''


 ''I know baby girl.'' I kissed the top of her head and so we stood there, in the middle of the night. Snow falling. And honestly this moment right here was amazing. I wouldn't change a thing. ''I'm sorry.'' I spoked up after sometime, making her pull slightly away from me.


''What?'' She looks so cute when she's confused.


''About the fight. It was totally my fault. I should've just go-'' I was cut off by soft lips. But not just some soft lips. Not waiting anything I kissed her back and this probably looked like it was cut out of some romance movie. 


We kissed for two minutes before she pulled away. ''I'm sorry too, but let's not think about it.'' She spoked and I nodded agreeing with her. Flashing me her famous smile she took my hand and pulled me in the direction of the house.


''Wait,'' I called out, making her stop and turn back to me. ''I want to ask you something.'' She nodded, signaling for me to continue. Dropping on knee I pulled out the little, dark blue velvet box. ''Today is spercial not only because it's Christmas, but because it's our three year anniversary.''


I could see tears forming in her eyes. ''I know I sound so cheesy, but I want to make this day even more special for both of us.'' I opening the box I wached her every move. ''Will you marry me?'' She didn't say a word, just nodded her head.


Standing back up I took the ring and slide it on her ring finger. ''I love you baby.'' I spoked and crashed my lips againts hers.


''Happy Christmas, Justin.'' She spoked once we pulled away, her breath showing in the cold winter air.


''It sure is.'' I smiled looking at the girl whom I love ever so much.



Happy Christmas guys

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