Joey graceffa-Phsycopath

My name's Jessica klin and I live in a mental hospital...
Let me tell you what happened when I met joey graceffa…


5. really joey? really?

"Here it is!" He shouted as we pulled up the driveway, "we decorated a room just for you, since you wouldn't wanna sleep with me or sawyer…or hitch", I wouldn't mind sharing with joey or sawyer... Or hitch but I didn't say anything "oh yeah I watched your video on the plane, it was great!" That must have surprised him because he looked at me suddenly and we just sat there, gazing into each others eyes....

Joeys POV

I put away my camera and sat down, there was a load of people around but no 19 year old girls. I didn't know what Jessica was like but I heard she was 'unfixable'? I accepted her into America because she sounds interesting, and she's a fan!!

There was a girl sitting next to me, pretty hot ,maybe in her early 20's? Looking worried about something, "hey are you okay?" I asked, expecting to hear a story about waiting for parents or a friend but she looks over at me, hair falling over her shoulders, "um yeah but…ah…I'm Jessica klin" at that point I diddnt know what to say but my mouth spoke before my brain,

"Oh hey gurl, nice to meet you, my name is joey..."

Really joey? Really?

A/N 🙌so short I know! But I WILL update...


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