Look at me now.

This story is about a girl named Katy who was bullied all through her childhood by 5 boys none other than Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn. But what will happen when her old school has a reunion and she has to go but this time she's counted as one of the most beautiful people in the world.


21. Chapter 21


Flash back - 

"Boy we are going to need to take her off you, to keep her alive she doesn't look so good," I still had her in my arms I didn't want her to go but I trusted they could help her. But when I let her go they quickly took her to the ambulance. "Please I'm her boyfriend let me come with you." He looked at me and then Katy. "Alright but stay out of the way." I nodded and jumped in Katy looked gone and I couldn't stop crying my heart was broken and if she was to leave me I don't think I would survive.

At the hospital still flashback back - 

They quickly rushed her in but I didn't want to let her go so I ran with them. "Sir if you could please wait here and we will get you when we know if she is alright." I nodded my head. I sat there for hours it felt like my full life and I started to pray I couldn't lose the girl. Why do bad things always half to happen. "Mr Styles?" I looked up and saw a blonde haired girl my brain told me to get up but I couldn't what if she told me the news I didn't want to hear my eyes started to water and I got up and walked over prepared for the worse. "Ah hello if you could please follow me sir." She gave me a sympathetic look I smiled my best but I'm sure she saw my pain she started walking and I followed her. "If you could just go in there and the doctor will tell you what has happened do you girlfriend Katy Marie Lawson."  I nodded and opened the door. "Ah hello please sit down." I saw the man he looked in his mid 30's he looked nice but his face told me he didn't have good news I took a deep breath and sat down. "Now you half to understand we did everything we could to help her but I'm sorry she has passes away she didn't make it she got hit to bad and her heart gave up to early she was to weak off lose of blood ." I couldn't see I was blinded with tears my heart was gone what could I do. "I'm very sorry for yous loss Mr hendook." I looked at him and I got angry. "I'M NOT CALLED MR HENDOOK I'M HARRY STYLES AND I'M HERE FOR KATY MARIE LAWSON YOU DICKHEAD I DON'T WANT TO KNOW ABOUT SOMEONE ELSE I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT HER HOW IS SHE?." He looked at me wide eyed. "I'm so sorry Mr Styles I thought you were Mr Hendook my apologize but for Katy I have some good news and bad news which would you like first." I looked up at him I had relaxed a bit knowing that there was good news. "I want the good news and I'm sorry for shouting. " He looked at me I felt sorry for shouting but who wouldn't. "Yes I'm sure other people would, the good news is she is alive and survived the inpact she was very lucky to be with us she is a strong person." I smiled of reliefs she was alive oh thank god she is alright. "What is the bad news." I knew there would be something wrong you can't just survive a car accident and have no bad news but I prepared myself for this news."She's in a coma Mr Styles.." 

End of flashback-


I've been sitting by her bed for about 2 days and all that could go through my head was that little scene this is all my fault If only I had left her alone to clear her head she wouldn't be in this mess If I could change persuasions with her I would. I grabbed her hand and kissed her forehead. "Come on baby It's Harry I need you to wake up for me I miss your eyes and your gorgeous face I miss seeing you so happy I hate seeing you like this your my everything you need to wake up baby." 


I could hear someone talking to me. "Come on baby it's Harry I need you to wake up for me I miss your eyes and your gorgeous face I miss seeing you so happy I hate seeing you like this your my everything you need to wake up baby." It was him It was Harry I needed to wake up for him to tell him I was sorry but it was so hard its like I'm in this dark place and whenever I try to get out it pulls me back down. Come on Katy wake up you can do it.



I was nearly asleep it was 8 O'clock and there was no way I was not leaving no matter what anybody said. Suddenly I heard someone groan it kind of shocked me I thought a nurse walked in but they didn't great I'm starting to hear stuff in my head I'm going crazy. Suddenly Katy gripped my hand and squeezed it's like she was trying to get out of her coma. "Come on Katy you can do this wake up baby." I waited for another sigh a movement but there was nothing nothing I hate this I want her to wake up I put my head down I can't take seeing her like this my eyes were once again wet. "Harry?"


Oh who said Harry could It be Katy did she wake up or did one of the boys come to see him..:)

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