Look at me now.

This story is about a girl named Katy who was bullied all through her childhood by 5 boys none other than Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn. But what will happen when her old school has a reunion and she has to go but this time she's counted as one of the most beautiful people in the world.


16. Chapter 16


1 month later -

It's been the best 1 month ever me and Harry had promised to keep the relationship on the Dow low so people wouldn't find out. But today I was going to tell Ben and I have no idea how he is going to take this kind of news.. Any ways I'm at dinner with Ben. "Hey so Ben I have some news for you?" He smiled at me and nodded for me to go on. " we'll me and Harry are are um kind of have been dating for 1 month" I didn't even know if my sentence made any seance I was so scared of his reaction he smiled cheekily at me. "I know Katy it's fine I wish you would have told me though I mean we are best friends you still trust me right?"


I was waiting for Katy to tell me about Harry and her for about 1 month now and I knew tonight was when she would tell me. "I know Katy it's fine I wish you would have told me though I mean we are best friends you still trust me right?" She looked taken back about what I had just said but it's true me and jake saw them on a date and kissing we knew it would happen. "YOU KNEW WHAT?" I looked at her for raising her voice. "Yes me and jake saw you on a date don't worry we haven't told anyone!" Ive got to say I was kind of mad. " I'm sorry Ben of course I trust you I trust you with my life and I love you millions I just wish you told me you knew then we would have had are chats about relationships" I smiled at her and she smiled back. " hey babe where here right now tell me all the gossips."


Katy was with Ben right now I was making my house look romantic this was the night I was going to make love to her. We have had the best month and she has been teasing me I just want her but I promised are first time would be special and here I am making the house look romantic. I had bought her some flowers and a neck less I was quite proud of what I had put together if I'm honestly but as I was finishing the last touches off I heard the door open shit shit. "HARRY? Are you in here?" Oh no it was Katy we'll I guess my plan starts here. I ran down the stairs "hey baby" she smiled when she saw me.


I was shocked when I opened the door to Harry's flat he had told me to come to his place after my meal with ben he said he wanted to show me something. I couldn't find him no where until he came running down the stairs and I saw that face.. "Hey baby" he picked me up and span me round and I couldn't help but smile. "Harry May I ask what this is all about?" "Here let me show you!" He kissed me with passion and it hit me HARRY wanted to have sex for the first time I've got to admit I was nervous.. He kissed me with such passion I was getting so turned on I could feel HARRY grow underneath me. "Jump 3 2 1" I jumped and he pushed me against the wall the kiss started to get heated I couldn't stop my self I wanted Harry now. I took of his shirt and he smiled he tugged at my shirt and he pulled it over my arms. He carried me to the bedroom and laid me down on the bed softly and crawled on top of me. His hands went down to my jeans and he pulled them down my legs until they were on the floor along with his he then made his next move and removed my bra. He started to move from my lips to my neck sucking on my sweet spot. "Harry" I couldn't help it the moans kept coming. He kissed down my stomach and pulled my Lacy black thong down.


I couldn't take this any more I kissed down her stomach and pulled her black thong off.. I inserted one finger and licked her clit "Harry oh baby just get in me now" her moans where making me even more turned on if even possible I grabbed a condom and put it onto my length and hovered over Katy entrance "you ready this might hurt" she nodded and pulled me down to kiss her I entered slowly "Harry" once I was fully inside her I waited until she was ready she nodded and I started thrusting inside her she started to moan like crazy making me even closer to my high. "Harry I'm going too..." She couldn't even finished her sentence once I felt her I couldn't keep it in anymore I let myself cum into the condom. I collapsed right beside her panting trying to get my breath back. I pulled the condom off and put it into the bin and cuddled Katy into my chest.

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