Look at me now.

This story is about a girl named Katy who was bullied all through her childhood by 5 boys none other than Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn. But what will happen when her old school has a reunion and she has to go but this time she's counted as one of the most beautiful people in the world.


14. Chapter 14


I covered my mouth before that name would come out what were you thinking Katy shut up go back to Ben. He looked at me and smiled and poked my cheek. "You like one of them don't you?" I blushed a bit but who wouldn't he smiled and walked off leaving me confused of why he didn't make me tell him but as I was listening for a sound I heard Ben shout. "I told you she would." I tried not to laugh but I giggled well best get my arse up and get ready and goo. 

Why was I nervous it was like a normal day with normal guys but as I reached Harry's door my butterfly's in my stomach were going mad.. Before I could even knock the door swung open and Harry hugged me I was shocked but hugged back. "You made it." I smiled at me. "So Liam and Louis have girls over there called Savannah she the one with the bright blue eyes and long brown stright hair Louis girlfriend or friend I haven't asked him yet, then there is Hannah she with Liam she's got the green eyes with the long curly brown hair thought you might want to know them apart." After I heard Harry say I wasn't the only girl I jumped this means it wouldn't be so awkward...

Me and Harry walked into the den and all eyes were on us I noticed the two girls they look really nice so I smiled and they smiled back. I walked over to Zayn and started talking... 


I watched at Katy came into the room with Harry. I know he likes her you can see and tell but I like her to all I want to do is protect her make her mine. She came and sat next to her her scent was unreal I couldn't believe this was once the girl I bullied in high school. "Hey Zayn." She kissed me on the cheek and I think I blushed omg what is happening to me what has she done to me. I came back to reality "Hey Katy how you been?" She smiled and we had a good old catch up talking about what we had both done then Louis came jumping on us.. "LETS PLAY A GAMMEEE." I was shocked and she looked the same.


All of a sudden Louis jumped on us I was quite surprised. "LETS PLAY A GAMMEEE." I smiled and nodded my head saying I was in. "What would you like to play Louis?" He thought for a moment. "Water fight in the back garden girls against boys." I thought for a moment that wouldn't be fair there is 5 of them and 3 of uss oh god well It would be nice to get to know the other girls so I nodded my head. 

We were all standing outside in the garden Savannah looked worried. "Hey are you alright?"She smiled at me. "I'm going to be covered in water so what's the plan." I smiled at her I started to think. "Oh I have a plan right girls this is what we do Katy you go for Niall and Harry,Savannah you go for Louis because I know you like him it would be a great time to use your charm." She winked at Savannah and she blushed and finished her plan. "And I will go for Liam since Zayn not playing because of his hair and he doesn't like water." Hannah made the best plan I had to say god these girls are the best we put are hands in and went in for the game.

"3..2...1 GOOOO." Zayn shouted and that was are Que to run I hid behind Zayn so no one could find me Harry and Niall looked confused so I quickly grabbed the hose pip and soaked them.


Me and Niall had been put on a team to find Katy but she was no where we looked everywhere and We just couldn't find her.. That was when we saw her with the hose pip and before we could run away we were soaked from head to toe. "Niall lets get her." Katy ran for her life but me and Niall were faster.We grabbed her I had her legs and Niall had her arms. "What should we do Niall." "Oh please boys no I'd do anything I want to stay dry.." I thought of a thing she could do to me but that wasn't the game. "I say we chuck her into the pool."  She wiggled as we went to the pool side and all of a sudden me Niall and Katy all fell in together and all we heard was laughing behind us..


All I saw was Katy in Niall and Harry arms going over to the pool Katy looked at me and nodded I knew what me and Savannah had to doo. "Savannah." She came running to me I pointed to the boys with Katy and she smiled cheekily god I do like these girls. We went over to them before they could notice and pushed Niall and Harry into the pool along with Katy. As Katy re surfaced she looked at us with that 'what you do that for' I smiled at her. "you know when I gave you that look I didn't mean for me to come into the pool too." She smiled at me and I knew this was the start of a great friendship. 

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