Look at me now.

This story is about a girl named Katy who was bullied all through her childhood by 5 boys none other than Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn. But what will happen when her old school has a reunion and she has to go but this time she's counted as one of the most beautiful people in the world.


13. Chapter 13


1 day later - 

All I can think of is her she's stuck in my mind what the fuck is happening to me she's like a drug to me and I want more, more of her god I just want her. Harry control yourself  what's wrong with you text her go on be a man. I've gone mad talking to myself god grow some balls. That's it I grabbed my phone and text-ed her..

To Katy - 

Hey baby;) what you doing today?

I waited for a reply and not even a minuet later my phone went off...

From Katy - 

Hey curly. I'm actually not doing anything had a big day yesterday;) 

I laughed at her name she called me curly least it wasn't Harold.

To Katy - 

Why don't you come over the boys are here?

straight away I got a reply.

From Katy - 

Sure why not;) see you soon. x 

I was so happy she was coming over god I've missed her do you see my problem its been 1 day.


As I was just sitting around having a lazy day my phone went offf (phone conversation) I smiled to myself that Harry actually wanted to see me. I text-ed back saying I would come over and this was going to be the start of my little game.. 

I got ready into a cute summer dress with some heels as Ben and Jake walked into the room. "And where are you going beautiful?." I smiled Ben was so sweet to sweet to mee. "I'm going to see my bullies." I winked at him and Jake said something I did not expect. "You know they all look like they want you like I mean not just want you in girlfriend ways but in bed." I blushed a little at his choice in words "Well I can tell you know they do not where all just friends." Ben winked at Jake and he nodded I had no idea. "By the way you look cute." And that was it Jake walked out of the room.. "You know Jake is right?" I looked at Ben confused as I sat down on the bed next to him. "Look at this photo the one I took yesterday read there faces." I took the camera out of his hands and saw all their faces my mouth dropped they were all clued to my butt pervvs I thought to myself. "Come on Katy play with there minds pleaseee it will be fun to watch." I looked at him to think 'are you mad.' "Oh come on miss universe lead them on see which one you like and then drop the rest come on I want to watch themm." I shouldn't have said my next words but they just came out. "But I do like one of them its .... "   

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