Kamila just turned 18 and wants to liveher life but she feels alone at times will five boys help or hurt even more:) Will she need to lose faith or keep hope......


1. Time to fly

Kamila's P.O.V


It was here. My time to live and grow. I was going to New York to visit my cousin Taylor and for the first time I felt free. I was finally getting out of that horrible town. Let me explain myself.

I was born there and I stayed there for my whole 18 years of life. Most of my time I spent in my room alone. I sat on my bed listened to music and waited for insperation to overcome me. I would write anything. Poems, stories, lyrics, and my life. I had planned my life out. Here was part 1 of my plan to fly away from here..........and to never let myself feel alone....again.

It was october and I was boarding the plane with the only person who didn't make me feel alone. Bree. She was was the one person that I let inside my plan.Well actually there was other small things too but that's for later

Taylor was 28 and was a fashion designer she lived close to times square and I was excited for new years eve now.


Bree and I were trying to get a cab. We failed. But a really and I mean really cute guy came and whistled to the cabs. One pulled up right in lfront of us.

"For you two gorgeous girls" he said. His voice deep and oh so hot.

He winked at Bree. Uhh of course. It didn't matter boys just weren't in my plan. Anyways I was in nobodys plans especially boys



                        Author note: this is my first story so tips or anything please comment 

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