Kamila just turned 18 and wants to liveher life but she feels alone at times will five boys help or hurt even more:) Will she need to lose faith or keep hope......


9. Me

Harry's P.O.V

We heard kamila's scream so I look to where she was. There she was onthe floor trying to get up her nose was bbleeding. I dropped to my knees. Why? I didn't really care about her did I? Uh I knew I should of tooken her to the hospital. Zayn got up and picked her up and carried her to Louis car. I didn't even think about it and I got into the car and zayn drove to the hospital. I called Bree and told her she started to cry I could her here through the phone. Wow she really cared about her. She said the rest of them would be there asap. I heard Kamila mumble something.

'D-dont go into the r-r-room with me please g-guys' what was up with this girl and the hospital. I needs to be with her I needed to make sure he was OK. Then it hit me. I did care about her and I did want to be with her. Uh and I totally messed it up with her. I needed her to see the real me.

---kamila goes to the hospital and is told that she needs to rest for two days------

Kamila's P.O.V

The whole ride home the boys had been fighting back and forth. didn't want to see zayn to ruin his relationship with harry and well I didn't know what I wanted to do about Harry . When we arrived to my flat I had made up my mind and it was something I didn't want to do but had too.

I got to my door step and hugged them both then opened the door and said goodbye with tears in my eyes. I shut the door in their faces I feel to my knees and cryed . I let go some of the best things in my life. I could hear them shouting for me to open my door.

Bree came down stairs and imdiatly huggedme. She was the best person ever she was like my sister. She said to me in a whisper 'don't worry ur sister is here'

--2 weeks later---

Bree's P.O.V

I told kamila how our mother had a rare sickness and died after having us. Were furternal twins which means we were born on the same day but we don't look like each other. We have never been closer she doesn't look happy but at least she doesn't look to depressed like what she was.HHarry and Zayn have been coming but after a week they couldn't anymore because paparazzi have been on there case so they've been sending Niall. The first day he came Kamila decided to let him in and this week all I've heard coming from her room are soft talking and sometimes giggles. Oh I hope she isn't getting attached.


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