Kamila just turned 18 and wants to liveher life but she feels alone at times will five boys help or hurt even more:) Will she need to lose faith or keep hope......


8. Hard #2

Harry's P.O.V

She slapped me. She tried running for it but I caught her before she got out of the room. She fell on the floor crying. Why is she crying? I picked her up and I kissed her and acted like I really loved her. All I really wanted was a challenge and believe me she was a challenge. She tried pushing me off of her but shje wasn't strong enough. She eventually sunk into the kiss. The kiss started getting heated and her hands were around my neck and mine were around her waist. I took it a bit farther and I started getting her shirt off and she tried doing the same. I said this was a challenge but well it was just fun. After that she just pushed me away again and tried putting her shirt back on but I took it from her and put it above my head so she couldn't reach it. She did the most surprising thing, she kissed me. i dropped the shirt. She bent down and looked at me. She picked up her shirt and put it on then she ran for it. She made it out before I could catch her. When she got out of the room she ran into Zayn's arms and cried. He gave me a 'I'm gonna get you' look. Oh great

Kamila's P.O.V

I thought I might like harry but I just wasn't ready. I needed to get. Thankgod  zayn was there but I didn't know what he would do. He took one look at me and marched up to him.

Zayn's P.O.V

'You idiot u always gotta go and get with every girl that I care about' I WS tired of him ruining great relationship.

'No look man i was jus-' I punched him before he could finish. He looked at me surprised. He pushed me into the wall and when I tried to throw a punch at him Kamila screamed we looked in her direction I think both me and harry dropped to his knees.


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