Kamila just turned 18 and wants to liveher life but she feels alone at times will five boys help or hurt even more:) Will she need to lose faith or keep hope......


14. Back for you

Kamila's P.O.V

Oh I'm such an idiot. I face palm and start to blurt out that I wasnt actually jealous.

'Don't worry love it just shows u still care' he says staring into my eyes I blush madly. He reaches for my hand and says 

'Look why don't we just try....us?' His eyes stared into my soul he seemed so hopeful. Maybe this could turn out to be a good thing.

'Sure i think this might work' he grinned widely. He picked me up and twirled me. He was so cute and romantic. We were leaning in to kiss when Kenz came in.

'Really Harry already snogging this poor girl?!'

Louis imediatly runs into the room we were in. He threw me over his shoulder and carried me downstairs. 

'Louis please don't do that dum-' to late Louis was in the living room lifting me up in front of everyone re enacting the lion king scene where simba is born. My goodness this boy was strange.

'HARRY'S NEW GIRLFRIENDDD!!!!'he screamed while bowing at my feet. I was during of laughter. Harry helped me down and kissed my cheek sweetly and I guess I was blushing cause Liam said that Harry had caught a blusher. I looked over to Niall.  He looked disappointed. I hope it isn't anything that's gonna bite my in the you know ha. Bree gets up from bowing with Louis and hugs me 

'Happy for you sis' everyone gasped I totally forgot they didn't know. Bree explains everything to them but every five seconds she would glance over at Louis it was really cute but it took her forever to explain it.

'Well that kind of news Is celebration worthy so why don't we go out for a fancy dinner?' Said Liam

'I think its an amazing idea that way I can watch Harry and Kamila,so no funny business you kids' Zayn looks at Harry with seriousness on his face.

'Thanks Zaynie but dont worry Harry is a sweety he won't do anything' he comes over to me and gives me a bear hug.

'Uhh Zaynie i think you might be suffocating Kamila' Liam said laughing. Zayn releases me and bro hugs harry. This whole time Niall just stared at his feet not looking me in the eyes. The boys go home to change for the dinner and Kenz stayed to help me get ready. She's not going because she said shes starting to feel a bit ill.

'So you and Harry huh are you sure about trying a relationship with him?' She asked me.

'Ya I mean he really seems to care about me and I feel happy when I'm with him. I think we might last' I said as a smile grew on my face. I wore knee lenghth and one sholder white dress with gold embroidery with a gold heels and light make up. I was pretty lazy with my hair so I just straightened it and let it fall on my shoulders. 

'Harry's a lucky boy!' Kenz screamed as she saw my final look. She was hugging me when she pulled back and ran to the bathroom and threw up. I went to hold up her hair and the first thing that came to my mind was not such a great idea. She finished and looked up at me.

I'm sorry about that it must be something I ate' she told me.

'A-are you pregnant?' I asked

'Y-y-yes....actually 3 months......please dont tell harry' she said looking at the floor in shame. I could also tell she was scared of parenthood.

'Well I'm here for you and will help you through it' I smiled at her 

Who's the father.' I asked. A single tear left her eye.

'Zayn.......and he doesn't know about it' i hugged her and cryed with her because I felt close to her. I promised to be there for her and I was gonna do everything in my power to help her. We released our hug and started to laugh because our mascara was completely messed up. 

'Thanks Kamila now let's get you cleaned up' she said, we talked habit more and got to know each other a bit more and I found out she actually loved Zayn but she was scared about him not feeling the same. We were going sown stairs and I saw Bree

'Wow bree you really want to impress someone don't you' I said she blushed.

We all laughed when the door bell rang. Oh I hope this dinner goes well. 




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