I Said No

Lily Evans and James Potter. Their experiences since 1st year.
In the words of James Potter: Go out with me, Evans. Evans says no. Evans said, I wouldn't go out with you if it was a choice between you and the Giant Squid. Evans makes friends with Marlene, Mary, Alice, Dylan (OC) and Molly. Evans is best friends with Severus. Evans is neighbors with the Figgs. Evans loves easily, but she says no to "Go out with me, Evans." Why? Read to find out.
"Go out with me Evans."
"I Said No."


33. Unwillingly Wasting Precious Time

3rd POV
James stared after Lily and Severus. They seemed to drift out of his reach and this annoyed James because he always got what he wanted. He headed back to his dorm sulking. He sat in a chair next to the fire In the Gryffindor common room for what seemed like an hour until he was joined by the other marauders. They were chatting until Lily entered. Hair soaking wet and clothes no better. Glancing at the look on the boy's faces she snarled:
"Its raining."
"Would you fancy a walk in the rain," James asked sweetly, "It's quite roman-" He was interrupted by a punch in the face. A few James Potter fangirls wearing shirts with his face on them and shorts barely longer than their knickers squealed as her fist connected with his nose.
"Shut up, Potter," She growled. He whimpered and many girls burst into tears at seeing their beloved marauder with a bleeding nose and a broken heart.  Sirius began to comfort James and aid his nose. The Sirius fangirls swooned at how 'nice' he was for helping his best friend. Lily had entered the room once again at seeing that Marlene was waiting to hang out with her in the common room. James drooled and Lily, noticing this, had pulled Marlene to a corner. Sirius was standing among his fangirls who were squealing at how they had touched his jacket. He pointed at a girl with obviously dyed hair, and blinding blue eyed wearing the shortest possible 'knickers' ever. Wait.....those were shorts?? If you say so...Ok, back again. She wore a crop top and high heels that were so high everyone was surprised she hadn't broken her entire body yet. She giggled and stumbled across the room towards Sirius. She also had an extensive amount of make up on. She seemed drunk and giggled so much until she fell into Sirius' arms. Her eyes shut and Sirius dropped her whilst pointing another girl. Long black hair, dark eyes and a short dress till above her knees. She walked towards Sirius shyly. Lily hissed,
"That's Mackenzie Brehdenham! shes a fifth year
Sirius pointed to his head and said,
"Well, my brain is muturer than a fifth year's."  Remus could not resist as it was an instinct to correct wrong language,
"Did it ever occur to that 'mature' mind of yours that maturer is not a word." Rolling his eyes, Sirius answered with:
"It Is too,"
"Is not"
"Is too"
"Is not"
"Whatever you say Mr. McSmarty"
"Thanks Sirius,"
"For what?"
"You just called me smart."
"Well I am a kind person....wait-what?" Remus laughed.
"Give your 'mature' mind a message from me when it comes back."
"Comes back, what the bloody hell does that mean?"
"It means that you need to keep it in your head because it wont do you any good in the future."
"INSULT" He linked his arm in Mackenzie's and the brushed past Summer who was walking through the portrait hole just then.
"Wha-? Summer's locks bounced as she walked towards the centre of the room, ignoring the fangirls fighting amongst themselves. She stared at the looks of sympathy on her friend's faces. Then it dawned on her. She frowned,
"She's a fifth year."
"We told him that." Remus was sitting, looking crestfallen. He wanted Summer to be jealous of a girl he hung out with. Of course he was too young. You cant help feeling sad, even if you know it cant happen. He called to Summer and hugged her.
"It wont last. It never does with him." Summer smiled softly.
"Thanks, Remmy."
"S'okay Summy."
"Im Sorry, but that does NOT work."
"Who are you to decide that?" Remus laughed, Summer stood up on a chair, raising her arms, she announced.
"I....Am the one and only Summer Diggory. Im the great and powerful witch! The beautiful locks. The Cautious talented content." As she ended her speech, the group clapped for her and laughed. As James looked around, he realised that he couldn't find Lily.
"Guys....where did Evans go?" James asked. He was interrupted by a sudden giggling sound and the sound drifted to behind the sofa of a girl. She was sobbing and the group was appalled at how Lily could laugh at a poor girl who was obviously very upset. They soon were laughing with her when they made out her words.
"Sirius! Why? Im the love of your life. I know everything about you! You always choose the second cubicle on your right when you go to the bathroom, and you seem to wear the same green jeans on breaks when we don't have classes. I even have dreams about us in the future. We get married and have 25 kids and we call all of the girls Leyla and all the boys Sirius." Summer was clenching her fists whilst Savannah, who had entered the portrait hole and had uncovered the entire story from James was laughing at the same time as comforting poor Summer. Lily couldn't hold herself any longer and snorted so loud that the centaurs way down in the midst of the forest heard. The girl suddenly stopped her little grief session. Everybody held their breath as she got up and looked behind her chair noticing a crouched down red-head, still unable o control her laughter. As the girl took out her wand. Everyone braced themselves. Lily shielded herself waiting for the worst as the girl shouted 'STUPEFY!!' Surprisingly, nothing hit her, long after silence hung in the air. She slowly opened her eyes, still shielding herself and looking around cautiously as she didn't find the girl in front of her. She found her leaned over a body to whom she soon figured out belonged to non other than James Potter.
"Oh, what have I done. Merlin, I've blown any chance of my being with Sirius." She soon again was sobbing, "If he finds out ive hurt his best friend, what would he do?
"No to mention James's fangirls." Summer tutted as a group lunged at the girl.
"I advise you all to step away and keep a reasonable distance away from each other." A voice boomed from the portrait hole. The party turned to find professor McGonagall standing with a frown on her face.
"Miss Evans, what is the problem here?"
"Well, I just overheard that girl," Lily pointed at the girl whos hair was ragged from crying and not to mention being attacked by the VERY dangerous fangirls.
"What is your name, Miss?"
"Leyla Maloy, professor."
"You're not in my house, are you?" The girl hung her head,
"No, I'm not."
"You're a Ravenclaw aren't you?" The girl nodded her head, "How did you get in, may I ask?"
"I followed her. The one with the curls."
"Yes, well, come with me, now. I shall be taking you to the head masters office." She stopped halfway in her tracks, staring down at James.
"Oh, and Miss Evans. A favour, please?" Lily nodded, "Stay with Potter in the hospital wing. You would quite like the look on his face when he sees you at recovery." She almost smirked and gave a small wink. 'What had become of this world. Even adults believe in relationships, and love at such a young age.' Lily thought miserably. With the help of the others she dragged Potter to the hospital wing and as soon as they lay him down on a bed, they left, smirking and whispering amongst themselves. Lily rolled her eyes and sat as far away from him as possible. She read her book, wrote a few notes on Acromantulas venom down, and when a meal time came, when she built up the courage, Lily would ask Madam Pomfrey for some of her hot soup. At last, James woke up to find Lily sitting beside him. At first, he rubbed his eyes to see if he was imagining it but apparently not. There she was. There she ACTUALLY was. It took Lily a moment to figure out that he was awake and waited for that so called amazing look McGonagall told her about. It never came. All she saw on his face was a look that said I told you so. Well you're all thinking, I told you what, right?
"I told you so!"
"Yes, potter?" Lily said coldly,
"I told you that you liked me."
"I told you!" He shouted with glee, ''Told ya, told ya told-'' he was interrupted by a sudden blow across his head.
''Ow,'' he whined,
''I was telling you that I was forced into coming by Professor McGonagall.'' At first it looked like James was very upset and Lily might've felt a little guilty but her mind changed when he said,
''I bloody well love that woman. Isnt Minnie just wonderful? I know now who my favourite teacher is.'' he laughed heartily and skipped out of the wing. Madame Pomfrey came in and glanced at Potter's empty bed,
''Miss Evans, I told you not to attack, capture, kidnap, kill, lock up, or torture Potter while you were both here, now hand him over to see if he needs any other wounds to mend.''
''Actually, Madame pomfrey, he just skipped out because Professor McGonagall is his favourite teacher.''
''I am sorry but that was a little confusing,''
''see ya Professor''
''Evans, I would like you to hand the poor boy over,'' She screeched at the top of his voice, ''Evans, Killing, torturing or any other form of violence is not tolerated in this school'' Lily felt free for once. Running through the vicious winds, ignoring the shouting and ridiculous screeches of Madame Pomfrey. Laughing, she ran and ran until she bumped into someone.
''Hey Sev...''
''Looking for him, are you?'' Lucius turned around, snarling,
''uh-uh Ill just be going'' Lily turned to leave.
Lily's POV
They circled me. Lucius, Yaxley, Sirius' brother, Regulus, and some other boy that I had never seen.
''What do you want?'' I asked angrily. I took out my wand.
''Two things. Stay away from Severus. Second, We're planning on getting rid of mudbloods.'' He cackled and rubbed his hands together. They all took out their wands and pointed it at Lily.
''Leave me alone. And Sev is my best friend''  Lucius growled,
'You filthy little-''
''DONT say it.'' James was there on his own.
''Hahahaha! its 4 against 1.''
''4 against 2 actually.'' I took out my wand.
'You're siding with me.''
''No, Im siding with myself''
''But you said-''
''Now now! Boyfriend and Girlfriend having a fight, are they?''
''Aww thank-'' James started,
''HE IS NOT MY BOYFRIEND!'' I screamed.
''You stand no chance against us.'' Lucius cackled once again.
''Oh yeah.'' Potter took out a broken mirror''
Potter this is no time to look at yourself in the mirror.'' James rolled his eyes at this comment,
''Sirius, assemble the marauders, we have trouble at 401.''
''We've put numbers for all classrooms to prepare for a problem like this.'' James said seriously then suddenly laughed, ''Ive always wanted to use them.'' At that moment, Sirius and Remus ran up to them.
''Where's Peter?'' James asked,
''We lost him while running past the trophy room.'' Sirius said, ushering to down the hall, ''I think he fainted...'' My eyes widened. These boys were practically heartless. What if he had a heart attack?
''Don't worry, I think hes fine.''
''You think?'' My eyes were still wide open.. Sirius shrugged.
''Sorry to interrupt your little conversation..but''  Avery coughed. '
''So this is the trouble?'' Sirius glared at the group, ''Hey little brother,'' He said coldly, staring Regulus right in the eyes.
''Scat!! Go away! Leave! You stand no chance. We are the mighty marauders.'' Sirius thumped his chest. Yaxley ran away, frightened. The rest smirked. Sirius decided to go wandless on his brother. Lunging at him he got him on the floor and punched him. They rolled around wrestling until James helped Sirius by tying Regulus to a chair. Remus was duelling Avery. Soon enough ,he had him in the air, and not wanting to cause harm, he let him down and gave him a push with his wand, until he went running back to his common room. Lucius was way harder. He was determined on injuring me because of my blood status. He was firing spells while I dodged and blocked until James got him from behind and with the help of Sirius, they tied him to a hook on the wall next to McGonagall's office
''A gift of thanks to Minnie for forcing Lily to sit next to me when I was in the hospital wing.''  Sirius and James waved goodbye to the tied up boys and then they walked away.We found Peter still running,
''Pete? Whatcha still running for?''
''To help you mates.''
''We're done, finished them off.'' Peter looked upset. He liked to join in because he always felt like an outsider. I felt sorry for Peter, even though I hate him and his bum boys. Well except for Remus. He's okay. We walked back to the common room, while describing the past events to a very jealous Peter. For the first time, I may or may have not laughed at one of Sirius' jokes. Just laughed, but then I walked away, and no one saw. James probably did though since he never stops looking at me. It's a little creepy actually. I said bye to Remus only, then I glared at the rest and walked away.

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