I Said No

Lily Evans and James Potter. Their experiences since 1st year.
In the words of James Potter: Go out with me, Evans. Evans says no. Evans said, I wouldn't go out with you if it was a choice between you and the Giant Squid. Evans makes friends with Marlene, Mary, Alice, Dylan (OC) and Molly. Evans is best friends with Severus. Evans is neighbors with the Figgs. Evans loves easily, but she says no to "Go out with me, Evans." Why? Read to find out.
"Go out with me Evans."
"I Said No."


35. Professor Bane Bigglebog

Guys!" Lily panted, "Guys.They.Changed.The.DADA.Teacher!" She doubled up, clutching her stomach.
"Whoa whoa, slow down there. What did you just say?" Marlene asked,
"I said, they replaced Professor Winkleberry." Lily repeated after she had regained her breath.
"But, she was the best!"
"She was very badly injured" Lily stated sadly, "Everyone's talking about how Dumbledore found her body in the forbidden forest."
"Does anyone know how it happened?" Mary asked curiously,
"They're saying they found werewolf marks on her body, and the thing is, the full moon was yesterday. So yes. Everyone does know." The marauders exchanged looks of terror. They didn't dare talk.
"Do you guys know what this means? There's a vicious werewolf in this school and Professor Winkleberry is in no fit state to ever teach again."
"Not all werewolves are vicious." Peter piped up defensively. The marauders hit the back of his head.
"Aww, what d'ya do that for?" He whined,
"Nothing Pete. It's just fun to hit you." They dragged Peter by the ear and patted Remus on the back.
"What's wrong with them?" Mary asked,
"I don't know, but this time I don't care."
"So, who shall be replacing such a great and wonderful teacher, who is also such a selfless person. I mourn her loss and-" A tall bearded man with piercing black eyes placed a hand on her shoulder.
"10 points from." He checked her robe, "Ah, Gryffindor, my least favourite, for 1st, making me now loath poetry, 2nd not checking at st mungos to make sure your brain is working fine, 3rd because, like I said, I don't particularly like Gryffindor."
"Um, may I ask, with utmost respect, who you are?" He straightened his coat, looking down at Lily.
"I am professor Bigglebog, Bane Burmundo Bagnis Bigglebog. And, who are you?"
"Lily Evans, and did you say...professor?"
"Yes, miss Evans, I did indeed say professor. I shall be filling in for the post of Defence Against the Dark Arts."
"Oh, how lovely." She muttered sarcastically, below her breath.
"What's that?"
"Nothing, sir"
"Better be. I'm warning you. If you stuck up Gryffindors think your so incredible you can be so rude to a teacher, you are very wrong. I, Bane Burmundo Bagnis Bigglebog do not tolerate your nonsense, do I make myself clear?"
"Yes sir." We all hung our heads. After he left we all stared after him with looks of hatred on our faces.
"Well, he's nice."
"Certainly." They all sighed.
Remus' POV


He put up a hand to stop the marauders.
"No, just leave me alone."
"Remus you need our help."
"oh godric, stop that Sirius you're freaking me out! You are not supposed to be supportive, you should just make me laugh." I shuddered
"Sure. Boys are you ready?"
"What...no...no prank, didn't mean that. I did not mean that!"
"Sure you did. Everyone needs a prank to cheer them up!"
"What? On me?"
"Oh you want it on you? Okay, come on boys!" He held up his wand, "One, two, three!!!" Suddenly a massive bucket filled with green go fell on his head. " Its not our best prank but we ran out of supplies."
"What the bloody hell did you do that for."  even angrier and more upset, I stormed up to my dormitory.
"Well, he's a party pooper."
"I know right" Sirius huffed
Once I was in my room , I covered my head with my pillow. I am a vicious creature. It's true. But I didn't mean it. She was wondering around on the night of the full moon. But, I might've killed her. I'm vicious.
"Remmy?" A familiar voice that soothed me, sounded,
"Hey Summer."
"Im sorry."
"For what?"
"For what they said."
"How does that have anything to do with you?"
"Um..Remmy, remember...Im a werewolf too..?"
"What? You are?"
"For a smart dude, you have the memory of a 120 year old."
"okok, so you're a werewolf too?"
"YES!" One more reason to like her. She laughed.
3rd POV

"Um, Summer?"
"What if I don't do perfectly In DADA because of Bigglebog." Summer snorted.
"Bigglebog." She laughed. Remus rolled his eyes.
"I am, by all means, complimented."
"You didn't answer my question."
"The question."
"I think you are mistaken as of who has the memory of a 120 year old and who doesn't."
"I know what question but like he said he hates Gryffindors."
"What about you?"
"I'm a Ravenclaw."
"He was also Ravenclaw."
"But I would expect him to be Slytherin."
"He's kind of nice."
"Bigglebog is kind of nice."
"Bane Bigglebog is sort of a nice teacher."
"Forgive me Remus, but may I ask you to please check your ears next time you see madam Pomfrey?" Remus rolled his eyes. " heard you the first time you dimpo...I just decided to ignore given the fact that I do not believe he is a kind man. He took away 10 points from us.." I whined.
"from Gryffindor.." Summer laughed, "and Im not in Gryffindor"
"How selfish."
"Hah! Well Im going to talk to Sirius." she squealed. "Isnt he so cute?
"Well, Summer, if you were to ask my opinion I would say he's a little too dark for my taste-" Summer clutched her stomach laughing harder than ever.
"I never would have guessed. Why didn't you tell me? I always thought you were interested in girls. Such as the stunning me!"
"heh heh. Funny...you are funny. heh heh."  I laughed uncomfortably.
"Well, bye!"
"Trust Summy to cheer you up."  Sirius appeared after Summer had left.
"So...you know?"
"Course I do. Everyone loves me." I buried his head in my pillow and let out a frustrated sigh.
"Why does life hate me so?"
"Awe. Life doesn't hate you. It just loves me, and everyone else loves me too."
"I don't." I said, tossing a pillow at him.
"Sure you do!" he winked,
"Once again, I question your interest in women."
"Wait.. that is not what I meant-"
"Yea yea, just go away."
"There you are!" summer appeared behind Sirius,
"Oh, hey Summer. Wanna hang out?"
"sure," She said coolly. She gave a thumbs up to me and buried myself under the covers. Summer shot a confused look at the mattress and walked away. At once the remaining marauders tried to get me out from under the blanket. But I refused.
"This is my new home. I shall stay here till I die."
"What about your classes." I paused.
"Only for classes."
"We have a class right now." James snorted. I sighed.
"Alright then, don't cry."
"I wasn't going t-
"Right." James sat down.
"Are you just very dim-witted, or does it amuse you to watch boys changing." James had a look of pure horror on his face.
"I wouldn't mind finding you an equal. As a matter of fact Edward McLaggen is homosexual, as I understand it."
"Ill be....leaving." James said hurriedly
"That's right." I shooed him, "Be gone."
"Peter?" Remus asked him,
"Do you have abbs?" Peter asked me,
"What?" I choked,
"I said do you have-"
"I know what you said, Peter, now leave and I would prefer it if we never made eye contact again."
"Ok" Peter looked away, "So do you?" I took out my wand and shot a spell at Peter who flew back down the stairs and landed with a small thump.
"What is it?" I asked,
"Pete landed on me." Sirius groaned
"Ooh, im sorry."
"No problem." Sirius and Peter chorused.
"I was talking to Sirius, and new rule, don't talk to me too."
"But why?"
"Do you here that voice Sirius. The little beeping sound?"
"Stop Stop." Poor Peter was practically in tears. Jumping up and down.
"I still hear it."
"nonononononono. Remmy please." Peter choked. I had a heart and couldn't bear to see anyone like this.
"Alright then Pete, but give me a while to recover from what you just said." It looked like a baby being given candy. He laughed happily.
"Thanks, Remmy as long as we're friends."
"Yes Peter. Now goodbye."
3rd POV
"Hey Sev."Lily greeted Snape.
"Hi, um Lily this isn't a good time."
"Meeting up with your buddies?"
"As a matter of fact, yes" Lucius' voice sounded, "I told you to stay away from him." Severus shut his eyes.
"Lucius, don't hurt her."
"Watcha gonna do about it, Severus. You gunna ditch us for a mudblood. Who's friends with blood traiters and what not. Don't disgrace the name of Salazar Slytherin, Snape. Don't make us doubt your loyalty."
"Of course not, Lucius. Do what you have to." Lily gave a gasp and a tear trickled down her cheek.
"What? What if they kill me? What if they torture me. I'm your best friend, Sev. Remember?" She opened her palm to reveal the first time Sev had showed her his magical powers. The first time they ever saw each other. Severus glanced at the plant. His eyes looked sad.
"I'm sorry, but some people have to make sacrifices." He said to particularly no one.
"Good boy Sever-" His hands suddenly let go of Lily and she ran. Lily gazed thankfully at Severus.
"My hand must have slipped." Lucius growled. "COME BACK HERE MUDBLOOD."
"What are you waiting for Snape? Get her!" Severus ran after the redhead and for a moment she thought he was truly chasing her. When she noticed. She'd seen him run before, he was much faster than her, and he would've could her by now. On Lily's way around the castle she let a lily petal float towards Severus and land in the palm of his hand. He almost thought he heard a voice whisper, 'thanks'
What an advanced witch she was.
They dreaded their DADA class more than anything. When the time came they huddled and promised to be on best behaviour as Bigglebog would look for any excuse to simply minus all their points. Even James said that there would be no pranks. When they entered they were greeted by a groan.
"I told Albus specifically that I do not tolerate Gryffindors."
"But sir, what do you have against Gryffindors?"
"10 points for asking questions, but if you must know, a Gryffindor killed my parents. That Gryffindor was Charlemagne Finnigan. My parents were great people, they were murdered at age 34 when I was merely a toddler and he never went to Azkaban, he's still roaming the wizarding world."
"oh." Lily gasped, "Im so sorry, sir."
"No need to apologise." He said sternly, "now pip pip, get to work with your disarming and don't make me catch you chit chatting."
"Aaaand he's back."
"Poor guy."
"I guess." Everyone seemed to be talking about the new professor and his past.
"I feel sorry for him and its not his fault he doesn't like Gryffindors." Lily and Remus agreed, being their kind selves.
"I hear talking, 20 points from Gryffindor."
"10 f0r talking, and 10 for disobeying. Is there a problem, should I take more?"
"no sir."
"good." He eyed the gryffindors.
"you may think im harsh but I must avenge my parents."
"By taking points from us."
"by doing whatever it takes, even from the simplest thing." We all turned back to our work.
" I don't understand."
"Why is he planning revenge on us. We haven't done anything except be brave and get chosen for Gryffindor."
"Actually it takes your choice into account."
"I dunno Sid. Why don't you ask him?" He asked his friend sarcastically.
"He'll kill me, mate. No way."
"Who...will kill you?"
"Um. no one sir, the slytherins."
"Are you implying that the Slytherins are no one because I do not tolerate people who insult other houses."
"No sir. I was just-"
"Detention Mr.."
"Sid Selly"
"Mr. Selly, at my office at 3:00 sharp."
"But sir." He squeaked, "That's now."
"Oh it certainly is! I have a lovely quill lent to me by Dolores Umbridge, herself, waiting for you."
"Oh lines, phew, I thought I would be tortured." He wiped the sweat off his face as the professor smiled, almost evilly.
"Oh yes. Lines"
"Im going to see whats happening." Sirius decided.
"Ditto" James followed.
"I have nothing better to do." Lily sighed. As they secretly followed Sid and the professor under Potter's invisibility cloak, they turned many corners until ,finally they reached the office.
"Take out a parchment please." Sid did as he was told.
"You'll be using a different quill this time."
"Yes sir." he breathed.
"I want you to write. 'I must not open my mouth in front of the teacher.'" Sid clamped his mouth shut. As he began to write, red ink formed. Lily gave a tiny gasp as she saw the letters he had written carved into his skin. Blood was what he was writing with. He writhed in pain.
"Please sir. Please" Sid cried, "I didn't mean it, don't do this to me sir. It hurts."
"What did I tell you to keep your mouth shut." Lily cried silently with the boy as he was tortured even more. Only 12. Lily thought she had to do something as she watched him cry 0ut as every line or shape was shown, crimson dripping down his paper and sinking deep into his small delicate hand. Tears blotched the paper as he squirmed In his seat.
"Very well then, you may go now." He began sobbing and ran out, with the group at his heels. Lily was the first. She took his hand and washed it and helped the pain go down.
"It's okay." Lily looked down at the scars, "What does it feel like?"
"Imagine a knife being driven through your skin." Lily winced, "and writing something on your hand."
"You should report this, however much pain he's in from his parents, he cannot go around torturing anyone."
"Im scared of him. I cant stick up for myself." Lily touched his hand again. He flinched,
"oops, sorry." She said apologetically running the water over his hand again.
"Why are you being so nice? You don't know me."
"I don't know. Wouldn't you ask me why I was being mean if I wasn't nice?"
"You should be in ravenclaw because you're smart."
"That's sweet. The sorting hat did consider it."
"He considered Remus too." Peter piped up.
"He's obsessed with Remus Lupin." Lily whispered to sid. "I'm Lily Evans by the way. It's nice to meet you."
"Nice to meet you too. I never thought there were that many nice people here. Thanks for helping me out. I have to go send an owl and I'll see you  around."
"Yeah, of course. See you."

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