I Said No

Lily Evans and James Potter. Their experiences since 1st year.
In the words of James Potter: Go out with me, Evans. Evans says no. Evans said, I wouldn't go out with you if it was a choice between you and the Giant Squid. Evans makes friends with Marlene, Mary, Alice, Dylan (OC) and Molly. Evans is best friends with Severus. Evans is neighbors with the Figgs. Evans loves easily, but she says no to "Go out with me, Evans." Why? Read to find out.
"Go out with me Evans."
"I Said No."


18. Phone Calls and Summer

"I miss Arthur," announced Molly.
It was the 9th of July, and the only people in the house were Molly, Alice, Marlene, Mary, and me.
"Why?" I asked absentmindedly turning a page of my book.
Alice squealed.
I jumped a mile.
"What's wrong with you?" I said shakily. "Alice, what did you see in that...LOATHSOME magazine of yours?"
Alice didn't even object to the "loathsome". She held up her magazine, How to make a Pure blood fall for a Muggle born! I thought it was a ridiculous title and I told her so. She always ignored me though.
"Look at this article! You dial 62442 on your phone then once there's a beep you put in the numbers of "your loved one's name"! They'll immediately know what to do, because your loved one will be taken over by a trance to "pick up the phone". Made my a faint Imperius curse from when it was legal. You can talk to Arthur, Molly!"
We all stared blankly at Alice.
"Arthur isn't my loved one," Molly pointed out.
"Why don't we just use Floo?" Marlene asked.
"Too much work," moaned Mary.
"I'm not in the mood," I grumbled.
Alice gave us disappointed looks. Then she walked over  to the phone and dialed 62442, followed by Arthur's name...in number.
3rd POV
"Why didn't you invite Peter?" asked James. He was wearing white pyjamas.
Arthur rolled his eyes. "I TOLD you, he went to Brazil!"
James looked shocked. "He didn't tell us!" 
Remus looked pointedly at James. "ACTUALLY," he said. "He told us. You just were not listening."
Sirius frowned. "He did? Are you sure?"
"Okay, okay."
"What should we do?" Arthur asked, just as there was a ringing from a materialized phone.
Arthur was suddenly overcome by the urge the pick up the phone. So he did.
"Hi!" said a familiar voice.
"Arthur, it's Alice!"
"Oh, it's you Alice! Why did you call?"
"Because I'M BORED! No one's doing any thing!"
"Oh. Right. Well, talk to Remus! Heh heh." Arthur handed the phone to Remus. He was fascinated by the Muggle device, but he didn't want to talk to Alice. She was annoying, though Arthur knew Molly would kill him if he said that.

Remus accepted the phone from Arthur. "Hi Alice," he said.
"Oh hey Remus. "
"Um...why did you call?"
"All right. Just do something. Now I have to go. Wait! Does the phone disappear after the call?"
"No...why would it?"
Remus felt embarrassed. "Well, it only appeared for the call."
"Call yourself smart. Of course it appeared for the call! We wanted it too. So it'll only disappear if we want it to."
"Well...thanks for the free phone!" Remus said awkwardly and hung up. He started dialing again.
"Who are you calling, Moony?" Sirius asked curiously.
Remus sighed in exasperation. "Guys, please stop calling me that. It reminds me of my Transformations, which are terrible."
"They won't be once we master the Animagus thingy majingy majing!" James said.

Remus closed his eyes. "I should not have taught you the saying 'thingy majingy majing.'"
"Why not?" James said looking innocent.
Sirius, however was more interested in who Remus was calling.
"It's my friend Summer Diggory," said Remus looking annoyed.
"TELL US ABOUT HER!" chanted Arthur, James and Sirius.
"You guys are so childish," muttered Remus, but he put the phone down. "Okay, she has dark  curly brown hair and dark brown eyes. She's shy and in Ravenclaw and she loves reading and she's pr-and she likes purple, I mean. She's a great prankster."
James and Sirius perked up. "Not sure if I like the sound of her though," dismissed Sirius.
"Good," muttered Remus. He dialed Summer again. "Hi, Summer!" he said to her.
"Hey Rem-hey what's that noise?"
"Forgive me, Summer. These are my idiot friends, James and Sirius. I shall kill them soon." 
Summer giggled. "Could I talk to them? They sound...interesting."
"Okay?" Remus passed the phone to Sirius.

Sirius was talking to Remus' friend. Her name was Summer. Here was their conversation:
"Hi," he said.
"Unicorns," she said.
"What's up?" he half asked.
"Peanut butter!" she replied.
Just to see her reactions he said, "How you doing love?"
And what she replied was, "I like stuffed animals."
Remus' eyes narrowed. He snatched the phone. "You are 11 years old," he hissed.
"11 and a half," sulked Sirius.
Remus ran to the kitchen, took up a tomato, walked back into Arthur's bedroom with the boys and squeezed the tomato. "This is how much I care, Sirius."

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