I Said No

Lily Evans and James Potter. Their experiences since 1st year.
In the words of James Potter: Go out with me, Evans. Evans says no. Evans said, I wouldn't go out with you if it was a choice between you and the Giant Squid. Evans makes friends with Marlene, Mary, Alice, Dylan (OC) and Molly. Evans is best friends with Severus. Evans is neighbors with the Figgs. Evans loves easily, but she says no to "Go out with me, Evans." Why? Read to find out.
"Go out with me Evans."
"I Said No."


28. Just Another Marauder Day

3rd Person:
"She called me a toddler." James whimpered for what seemed like the millionth time.
"Yes dear James. We heard you! Now would you bother to tell us WHO exactly called you a toddler?" Sirius humphed.
"She called me a tod-"
"I feel deeply sympathetic towards whatever problem you are facing James." Remus said looking up from his homework, "But I am very  sorry to ask such a favour from you....Would you all mind shutting up as I am TRYING to finish my herbology homework. Which, correct me if I'm mistaken, was assigned to you guys too?"
"Stop being a spoil sport Remmy!" Sirius whined,
"Why won't she be my friend?" James wailed from the corrner,
"Now you sound like a toddler." Peter stated, Sirius and Remus glared while muttering quiet dammits at the mistake Peter had made.
"tod-tod....tod...toddler?...." He once again began to wail as Remus and Sirius groaned.
"Whoever this is, you sure have a little crush!" Sirius teased, "Ooooo, Jamsies has a little crushy wushy,"
"You're freaking me out, Sirius," Remus scrunched up his nose in disgust. Suddenly, loud snoring was heard. They all looked at James. He was drooling with a large, dreamy smile plastered to his face.
"Lil...Lily! Why wont you like me...? Red hair......blue...green...whatever color eyes you have...." He giggled in his sleep while Peter and Sirius snorted.
"Honestly! Has it not occurred to you and your minds that at 12 years old you cannot date someone!" Remus huffed.
"Oh, so now I'm not allowed to have a crush?" James had awoken.
"I never said that, but so what if she doesn't like you...?It doesn't make a difference."
"But...but...it hurts down here." James placed a sorrowful look on his face and placed a hand to his...what he thought was his heart. Remus walked towards James and placed his hand on the other side of his chest...where his heart really was. James nodded.
"I knew that"
At that moment Lily walked in. Instantly, James began drooling. Lily took one look at him in disgust.
"Is he sick? Shouldn't you take him to the hospital wing?" She asked. Even Remus let out a small laugh, while Sirius was rolling around on the floor whilst clutching his stomach.
"have any of you seen my hairbrush?" She asked, walking around the common room.
"Why don't you try..um I don't know...your room?" Sirius said mockingly.
"Hardy Har Har! I borrowed Marlene's but I lost it here!"
"Try Accio," Remus said,
"Oh right! My brain's gone fuzzy!" She took out her wand, "Accio hairbrush" Nothing.....A clicking sound was heard from James, and suddenly, BANG! The red hairbrush zoomed towards Lily whilst hitting him in the head. She glared at him and stormed out.
"What do you think you're doing, you idiot?" James yelled, Remus looked startled and slightly hurt.
"Don't 'what?' me, you-you idiot!" Remus was looking very confused.
"Ummm....James, I have no clue what you are talking about"
"I know you know," Remus sighed, "But i'll tell you anyway!"
"You like my girlfriend!" James shouted, "You were flirting with her."
"One: If you are referring to Lily, she is not your girlfriend-"
"Of course YOU would say that! You want her to yourself!" James was fuming, clenched fists pounding the floor. Ignoring the comment, Remus continued.
"Two: I am, and so are you, WAY too young to think about this kind of stuff, and I was merely helping her!"
"You knew I had the hairbrush so you told her how to get it!" Remus shook his head.
"Why did you do that?"
"Maybe it would keep her here for longer..?" James said,
"It smells like her!" James mumbled.
"What it that exactly?" Remus raised an eyebrow
"Strawberries" he said dreamily, and the group chuckled as James stared into outer space.
"Straw.....strawberries," Sirius said in between gasps,
"What's so funny?" James asked,
"You're drooling," Sirius laughed,
"Ooohhhh.........I don't get it" Sirius humphed!
"Well! Be like that!"
"No! I wanna have fun!"
"PRANKS!' They said in unison.
"No...no.....no.....no" Remus was shaking his head like a mad man.
"What's wrong, Fuzzy?" James asked curiously,
"Fuzzy? I'm a werewolf not a bunny rabbit! May I ask what is with you and nicknames?"  Remus said, not looking up from his book. Sirius and James linked arms.
"Let's bounce, FartFace,"
"Right behind ya, ButtBoy" Chuckling at Remus' face, they skipped off towards the bedroom.
Lily was walking towards her friends in the great hall when she spotted Severus.
"Hey! Yoohoo, Sev!! Over here," He looked slightly embarrassed
"Lily, what are you doing?" He muttered harshly,
"umm...I just wanted to ask where you were the other day." She said, hurt.
"Well, I have other friends too, you know!" He said, almost yelling. Lily looked taken aback,
"o..ook.." Before she could burst into tears she ran back to the common room.
"Wait Lily! Lily!" Severus said desperately
"What are you calling her for?" Lucius sneered, "She's a mudblood." Snape shivered, but followed the blondie anyway.
Lily ran into the Gryffindor common room, tears falling from her eyes.
"Evans? Hey...Eva-" Remus nudged him,
"I mean, Lily!" She ignored him and ran up to her common room.
"Ugh! Wait! I have an idea." Seconds later, Isabelle was standing next to the dormitory, so James could pass.
"You said you'd touch my arm," James looked weirded out,
"oooook" He said, reluctantly touching her oily arm.
"You like it? It's as soft as a baby's butt,"
"Good to know!" James said slowly, "I better dash." She looked upset, but then shrugged and headed down.
"Hey Evans." James said
"James, you pervert! Get out," She said sniffling,
"I'm trying to be nice,"
"But you're still the annoying James,"
"Geez, Thanks" That hit a nerve, and he had a feeling he'd be whining later In the common room. She chuckled,
"Get out!"
"But, Lilypop-"
"Don't call me that, James"
"So we're on first name terms,"
"Shut up, Potter"
"Shut UP, James"
"Ahh, there we go,"
"Potter" She spat, James sighed.
"Thank you...I am now thoroughly entertained!"
"Really?!" James asked happily,
"No." He sulked
"Oh come on! Im an adorable guy, right?"
"Im adorable, but annoying?"
"I'm not annoying."
"So Im NOT annoying?"
"No, you ARE annoying," Lily huffed,
"It's fun annoying you,"
"It wont be fun when i'm punching the hell out of you,"
"Um...I've got abs, no girl could beat me."
"First of all, you're WAY too skinny to have abs. Second, sexist!!!"
"Now you're being sexist for calling ME sexist."
"That doesn't even make sense!"
"Geez, does EVERYTHING need to make sense?"
"Har Har"
"So you're amused,"
"NO! Now get OUT"
"No but, one more but and I kick your butt down those stairs," James giggled,
"You said butt"
"Yes, yes I did, you immature prat!" James, sulking, began to head down the stairs,
"What?" He said gruffly,
"Thank you!"
"Does that mean we're friends?"
"Didn't I tell you to get out?"
"You called me back."
"Im done now, so you can leave."
"But I don't want to!" James whined,
"OUT" Lily screamed,
"Fine, fine!"
"You are aware that you have drawing on your face?"
"SIRIUS! YOU PRAT!" He yelled, running the startled boy.

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