I Said No

Lily Evans and James Potter. Their experiences since 1st year.
In the words of James Potter: Go out with me, Evans. Evans says no. Evans said, I wouldn't go out with you if it was a choice between you and the Giant Squid. Evans makes friends with Marlene, Mary, Alice, Dylan (OC) and Molly. Evans is best friends with Severus. Evans is neighbors with the Figgs. Evans loves easily, but she says no to "Go out with me, Evans." Why? Read to find out.
"Go out with me Evans."
"I Said No."


31. Come on, Evans

3rd POV
After James had chased Sirius around the common room (for writing on his face earlier), throwing stuff at him, he looked back to find Lily, clutching her stomach. Her face was red and she was laughing so hard that James  thought she might die right there on the spot from lack of breath. He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion.
"Wha-?" James began.
"What the bloody hell is wrong with you?!" Sirius was yelling like a madman.
"You wrote on my face!" James lunged then realised something fishy. "Oh." He looked at an apologetic Lily. 
"That was hilarious!" she was still chuckling. 
"I forgive you, Lily-flower," James said sweetly.
"I'm not asking for your bloody forgiveness Potter," Lily snarled.
"Well, you should, Evans. You almost broke up a friendship." He faked a cry and wiped a fake tear from his cheek, wailing in the process.
Lily rolled her eyes then looked at a very confused Sirius.
"Why would you do that?" He was still panting with a look of anger carved into his creased forehead.
"That was necessary? Was that necessary?! Was that REALLY necessary?" Sirius was still yelling and he was acting like he was close to death. Seeing him in this state, James and Lily burst out laughing.
"Laughing over the same thing is a sign of true friendship!" James crowed.
"No, it's not! I will never be your friend, so don't even dream about dreaming about dreaming about it!" replied Lily. James sulked.
"You're such a baby!" And with that, Lily stalked out of the room
        After a few minutes, Sirius realised that James was gone. He looked around him, and suddenly heard a sound like a dying whale. "She called me a baby," was heard. At that moment, Remus had passed through the portrait.
Sirius and Remus were wailing. Soon enough, all remaining three marauders were crouched down in the corner, which was there new depression area, wailing over their terrible luck.

*** Lily couldn't stand not seeing Severus.
She loved him. As a friend.
"Dream on, James," she snorted.
"So, we're on first name ter-," started a voice.
"We've been over this," Lily sternly cut him off, clenching her fists.
"Thanks for saving me from Minnie yesterday, guys," she said, mostly looking at Remus.
He looked shy, and James was mad about it. "What kind of friend is he, flirting with my crush," muttered James under his breath.
As soon as Lily left the room, James began: "What do you think you're doing?" he shouted.
"I knew you'd start." Remus' shoulders slumped.
"Of course you knew it, you planned it! Either you like her too, or you want to torture me and break my heart into tiny pieces.
"First of all, even if I DID like her, which I don't, she doesn't belong to you. Second, it's neither of them."
"Liar, then why?"
"I didn't plan it, we're just friends."
"Yeah, sure, maybe for you but she's attached. Girls only hide behind boys they like."
"What? No! That's not true! When did she hide behind me, anyway?"
James ignored him as usual. "She could've hidden behind me..." he muttered.
"She hates you." Seeing the hurt look on James' face, Remus knew he'd made a mistake. James turned on his heels, and walked away with a sympathetic Sirius and a guilty Remus behind him.
"I feel bad," Remus said. "I shouldn't have said that," he continued sadly.  Although he was behind an insufferable imbecile, thought Remus. 
"I'm not going to disagree with you mate. You know how much he likes Lily," said Sirius.
"Doesn't he know she hates him?" asked Remus.
"Of course. But he's in Egypt."
"What?" said Remus, confused.
"You know! He's in The Nile...in denial? Sorry, couldn't resist."
Remus sighed at Sirius' terrible joke.
*** "Hey, Sev," said Lily tiredly. "Why didn't you turn up? I needed to talk to you."
"Well..." He was stuck with no excuse. 
"I can't believe you," said Lily angrily. "After all we've been through..."
"I'm sorry Lily. First of all, don't you think you're overreacting a bit? Second, as a Slytherin, I have different duties as well!"
"Duties," she snarled. "Great excuse."
"So I can't have other friends?" asked Severus angrily.
"I never said that! But doesn't mean you forget about older friends!"
"I didn't mean it," he said quietly.
The anger left Lily's eyes. "It's okay," she sighed. The friends smiled at each other. "Do you want to go to the Black Lake?" Severus asked Lily.
"I'd love to," she smiled.

James had been walking by, and heard them.  Snape would do all these horrid things and she would always forgive him, all I do is save her and she hates me? James thought angrily.  No! She doesn't hate me! He sulked and put his Invisibility Cloak on, walking forward. He sat next to Snape and Evans.
"I'm sorry I let my friends call you a Mudblood," said Snape.
"It's okay," Lily replied.
Wait a second! James thought angrily. He couldn't believe it, she forgave Snape so easily!
"You're a great friend, Lil," said Snape softly.
"Thanks, so are you." The two hugged, and James almost cried with frustration and anger. James suddenly had an idea.
He summoned a bucket, filled it with water from the Black Lake (The squid gave the cloak a resentful look) and threw it at Snape. Unfortunately, some hit Lily.
"Idiot!" he shouted. Lily thought Snape was addressing her.
"Wha-?" she spluttered. She stood up and started shouting.
"I can't believe you!"
"I'm going! This friendship is OVER!" She stormed off.
Snape couldn't help the thought that crept into his head:  She's overreacting WAY too much.

Lily bumped into James. "How DARE you touch me?" she shrieked at Severus, thinking he had pushed her.
A smiling James congratulated himself, not knowing the grief and troubles he had just caused Lily Evans.
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