You and I

Madi is an average 21 year old girl living in London with her boyfriend the one and only Zayn Malik from One Direction. With the fame and all, they still are going along strong together. But will that change over time after not being to see each other for over 4 months? And her ex boyfriend coming into the mix? Read You and I to find out.


1. coming home

I hopped out of the cab as fast as I could so I wouldn't be late again for the 6th time this week to have our movie dinner with zayn.

I thanked the driver and walked up the steps to our apartment building. I stepped inside and went up to our room. I put the key in and opened the door.

" Sorry I'm late babe. Traffic was terrible. " I called out not seeing him anywhere. I slid my shoes off and threw my keys and coat on the table.

" Zayn?" I called out walking in a bit. I heard shuffling from the hall and he came around the corner in his underwear and tank-top. I smiled.

" It's fine babe. how was your day?" He asked walking up to me and pecking me on the lips. he placed his hands on my waist.

" Tiring. " I sighed resting my head on his chest. he pulled me in and wrapped his arms around me placing his head on top of mine.

" Why don't you go change and come and relax and watch the tele. " He said holding my waist again and stepping back.

" Okay. " I smiled a bit and pecked his nose. I started to turn towards the hallway but he grabbed my waist and pulled me back in front of him.

" I haven't gotten a proper kiss yet now have I?" he smirked trying to seduce me. which was totally working. I smiled and leaned my head in placing my lips on his. he kissed back a couple of times. I fought back. he held my waist tightly moving one hand up my side pulling my shirt up a bit.

"zayn-babe- " I said in between kisses. he stopped smiling.

" Okay babe. don't be too long. " He said and kissed my forehead. I walked down the hallway and into our bedroom.

I sighed while going into our closet and grabbing one of his jumpers. I threw off my shirt and bra and put on his jumper. I took of my jeans and went back over into our bathroom grabbing a hair tie and throwing my hair up into a messy bun. I went back into our room to find Zayn putting on sweats. he looked up at me.

" Nice jumper. where'd ya get it?" he smirked. I smiled an went back down the hall and into the kitchen.

I poured a glass of wine for myself.

" Babe you want a glass?" I called out.

" Yeah. " He called back. I poured his glass and carried them over into the living room and set them on the coffee table. I sat back and he came in a moment later.

" What are we watching tonight?" he asked sitting down next to me throwing his arm around me. I turned the tv on and flipped through the channels until I found The Walking Dead re run on. we both sat back and cuddled up. he had his arm around my lower back and I rested my head against his chest. we watched for a while in silence until it got to a really suspenseful part. I got a little tense waiting until the walker popped up. RAHH. I jumped a bit and cuddled up to him more. he giggled at me.

" Stoopp. " I laughed with him. he rubbed my arm comforting me. we quieted down and watched a bit more.

" I didn't jump. " I said at the commercial break sitting up next to him.

" Okay Madi. " He said sarcastically. I giggled a bit and we looked at each other in the eye for a moment until he leaned in and pecked my lips. I did it back and we kissed back for a while starting up a makeout scene. I smiled in between kisses and threw my leg over sitting on top of him. he held my waist moving his hands up an down my back under his jumper. I pushed his hair back a few times just examining his beautiful features.

" I love you. " I said placing my hands on his chest. the thought ran through my mind at that very moment. that we have not done it yet. he held my waist rubbing his thumb back and forth.

" I love you more babe. " He said pushing my hair back. he looked me straight in the eyes. there was a moment of no movement until he sat up crashing his lips on mine. the kiss steamed up a bit and he moved his hands down to my butt. I held his face fighting back. he moved his hands down under my knees and stood up holding me tight against his body. he walked down to our bedroom slowly. he nudged open the door and walked over to our bed laying me gently down. he hovered over me still kissing me with his hands next to my head. he kissed slower and leaned back. he studied me for a bit and we sat silent.

" You alright with this babe?" He asked caring about me.

" Yes Zayn. " I nodded. he smiled a bit and leaned back down kissing me softly. I held his face kissing him harder. I reached down to the end of his shirt and pulled it off. I threw it on the floor and went back to holding his face. he rolled over so that I was on top straddling him. he pulled his jumper off of me and threw it off to the side. I was exposed to him. he stopped for a bit to take it in. I leaned back down kissing him.

He played at the hem of my undies and I did the same with him. He helped me pull them off my body and throw them to the side. He took his off also and stopped for a moment. he looked me up in the eyes.

" this is your-" he started.

" Yeah. " I said shyly. he held me waist turning us over so he hovered over me. he placed his Hand on my cheek.

" I'll be gentle. " He said and I nodded.

that turned out to be one of the nicest nights with him ever.

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