These Things i'll Never Say

Kelly doesn't seem lucky with no family to support her.Suddenly her childhood best friend and cousin take her and Alex under their wings and remind her of what she has.When she collides with a special someone will she let love take over or will she fight it like before.


4. Pranksters vs Pranksters

                  Louis P.O.V

As soon as she tensed up after that question I knew I shouldn't have asked. She hated boys in Primary school because they were full of themselves and in high school she went to a girls school. Last time I was with her she just had really high standards. I just hope she gets along with the lads.

                 Kelly P.O.V 

After dinner they asked if I wanted to meet the other boys in the band. I thought about it for a bit and eventually agreed. They were a bit surprised but carried on to the car.

                 Liam P.O.V

Beep!Beep! I picked up my phone and there was a text from Niall. "She's comin back 2 the house. Make it look normal! :)" "HARRY! ZAYN! GET IN HERE NOW!" I heard a thump,bang,running footsteps and the something tumbling down the stairs. Soon enough the two boys rolled off the stairs and tried to stand up but they were tangled so it took a while. "We didn't do anything!" Was Harry's automatic answer. I just ignored it. " We gotta tidy up quick coz Niall's and Lou are on the way with Niall's cousin". "I'll get food" Zayn says before running out the back door. I turned to Harry. "We gotta  do this shiz fast".

               Niall P.O.V

The house better be tidy by now, we went the long way around. I was just about to open, which was strangely open, when Kelly stopped me. "Gimme your phone". She looked like she was up to something but I gave it to her anyway. "Who's the responsible one in there?" "Liam". She clicked on a name and started talking into the phone quietly so we didn't hear. She hung up and two seconds later Liam was opening the living room window. "Thanks mate, I'm Kelly! No, Lou climb in the window and don't make noise". Liam handed her a tin of tomatoes and hurried us in. She climbed in after us without the tin. We tiptoed to the front hall and Kelly slammed the door shut. "Guys they're here" Liam yelled up the stairs. They legged it down giggling as they came but when they saw us they stopped. "How did you lot get in?" Zayn asked. "The front door", she said innocently. What is she up to? "No you didn't" "Ya we did, we pulled the door open and put it back how it was before". They ran to the door and pushed it wide open. Next thing I knew they were covered in watery red liquid and red lumps in it. I turned around to see Kelly and Liam rolling on the floor with red faces from laughing. Zayn and Harry turned and walked towards them. Kelly stood up and politely said "Hi, I'm Kelly. Got any food", With a smile on her face while running off before they caught her. Me and Louis did a little victory dance because she liked them and followed Kelly to the kitchen.

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