Complicated [+16]

Niki a normal teenage girl who grew up with her brother. For her, Her life is perfect, She has a handsome, protective, loyal and athletic boyfriend, Hao. She has Niall, her bestfriend and the other boys from one direction and her brother, Liam.

But, what if one day everything becomes complicated?


7. Chapter 5



Niall 's POV


We lads and I put on some shades and wore a hoodie, so no one would notice us. We pair into two, Zayn and Louis, Danielle and Liam, niki and I. Jay went home after the scene at car, and he said 'He needs to do something important'. Yeah right!

of course, niki and him fought


We separated ways; Liam said we would just meet at nandos just around the corner at 6 pm



*40 minutes later..


"Let's ride that one!" niki said happily

"Which one?"

"That one.." she said pointing at the water log ride

"Alright, alright" I said as she keeps on pulling me.

"Yaaaay!" she cheered jumping up and down.

I laughed at her. She's cute when she acts like this.


We fall in line and it looks like we'll be in line for almost 15 minutes.


*20 minutes later..


We're next! Yesss!

"We're neext!" she said excitedly while holding onto my arm.


Once it was our turn, niki wanted to us to sit in front. We sat on the seats, buckled the seatbelts and niki was holding onto my arm a bit tighter this time. I looked at her and she was a bit tense but still has a smile on her face.


I held her hand. "Don't be scared, Nik." i smiled

"I'm not" she smiled back.

"Yeah, you're not." I said sarcastically and chuckled.

She stuck her tongue out.


"Please buckle your seatbelts and hold on to the handle once the ride is moving and please do not stand up while the ride is still moving. Thank you." The staff said.

Nick is still holding onto my arm. She looked at me. I could tell that she's scared.

"I.. I'm scared." she looked away.

I held her hand again. "Don't be. I'm here; I won't let anything bad happen to you."

She smiled at me. I put our hands on the handle when the staff signaled all of us that the ride is about to start.




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