Complicated [+16]

Niki a normal teenage girl who grew up with her brother. For her, Her life is perfect, She has a handsome, protective, loyal and athletic boyfriend, Hao. She has Niall, her bestfriend and the other boys from one direction and her brother, Liam.

But, what if one day everything becomes complicated?


5. Chapter 4

Niki 's POV


From: Leeyum 😎🐷

"Nik, we won't be able to go home and get you Guys. So just, go ahead, tell zayn to drive. I’ll text you if we're there. Please be careful. x"


I put my phone back to my pocket.

"Zaaaaaaayn!!" I shouted from the kitchen. I walked to the living room and saw the boys and Jay laughing there asses off.


"Hahaha! Nice one Louis!" He high fived with Louis. Totally ignoring me.

"Zaaaaayn!" I shouted

"Oh .. Hey nik." he said and they all looked at me.

"Hi babe." Jay said and went over to me; He kissed my forehead and slipped his hand around my waist.

"Liam said we should go ahead." they all nodded

"I'll dri-" harry said but I him off.

I already know what his going to say.

"Liam said zayn will drive!" I said to harry

Jay chuckled.

"Alright, let's go then?" zayn asked us and we all nodded.


*On the way to the carnival*


I'm sitted on jay's lap, his face on the crook of my neck, kissing me on my sweet spot; I’m trying my best not to moan.

"Jay, not here." I whispered

"But...” he kissed me again on my sweet spot. Don't moan, don’t moan, don’t moan!! ".. I'm horny." he continued

"Jay, Stop it." Fuck! He needs to stop or they'll hear me moan. We never had sex. Well, not yet. But there are times we 'Almost do'.


"C'mon babe, you could just tell them that you feel sick and we can do it in your room." He whispered in my ear.

"Jay, just stop it, Ok!" I said a bit loud. The boys looked at us.

"Uh.. H-he was tickling me." I lied

"Alright." Zayn and Louis said in unison.

Niall gave me a weird look. Yeah, he knows I’m lying.


Niall 's POV


I never liked Jay for nik, I don't know why, but whenever I see them together, I could feel that something's not right. Just like what's happening now, I know that niki 's lying.


I gave her a weird look, and from the way that she looked away from me, I know something’s up.

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