Complicated [+16]

Niki a normal teenage girl who grew up with her brother. For her, Her life is perfect, She has a handsome, protective, loyal and athletic boyfriend, Hao. She has Niall, her bestfriend and the other boys from one direction and her brother, Liam.

But, what if one day everything becomes complicated?


3. Chapter 2




Niki 's POV


Once Liam parked his car, He got out to get my stuff at the back. I grabbed my bag and went straight inside the house, I heard niall's laugh from our living room, I went to the living room, I saw niall and the other boys playing 'truth or dare' at the floor, Louis and zayn saw me and I put my index finger on my lips to signal them to not tell niall and they smiled at me. I hugged niall from behind and kissed him on the cheek, he looked at me shocked and smiled. Liam got inside the house with all my stuff and went upstairs. He would probably put my clothes on my bed.


Niall sat me on his lap and I rested my head on his chest.


"Can i join?" i asked them

"Sure, after niall 's turn." Louis said and I smiled at him.


"Niall, I dare you to.. To.." Louis said and looked at me, and then a big grin grew on his face.


"I dare you to kiss nik... On the lips!" Louis said with an evil smile on his face.


I looked at niall and he looked at me.


"It's alright, It's just a dare and besides Liam’s upstairs" I said and smiled at him, He smiled back.


He held my cheek with one hand and kissed me. His lips are soft.


I heard Liam’s foot steps and we both pulled away, before Liam could see us kissing. I was looking into his eyes and he was looking into mine. I could just melt right now, just by looking into his eyes. I looked at the boys; Louis still has his 'Evil smile', which means he did something!


Liam joins us in the living room, He looked at niall and I, and he smiled at us. He trusts niall with me. He sat down on the floor with us.


"What're you guys playing?"


"Truth or Dare. You have to join!!!!!" Louis exclaimed.


Liam raised his right eyebrow.


"Don’t be a killjoy Liam!" Harry said


"C'mon Li!" I said


He chuckled and nodded.


"Yeah!!!" They all cheered, Liam joined them and I just giggled at them.


Louis spun the bottle and it landed on ... Me, although I’m still sited at nail’s lap.


"Niki.. Niki.. Niki..." He said while shooking his head, just like a detective would do when he knows that the criminal or someone is lying.


I giggled at him.


"Truth or dare?"


Of course my answer would be... "Dare!!!!!" I said with excitement.


"Alrighty then. I dare you to .." He looked around before continuing


"I dare you to choose truth, because I can't think of any dare that won't make Liam freak out."


We laughed at him even Liam. Well, his ... Happy. I wonder why?


"It's fine Louis, just... Just know the limits." Liam said.


Seriously? Who are you and what have you done with my over protective brother?!?!


"Wait! Seriously?" Louis said shocked as well as I am.


He nodded and smiled at me.


"Alright. Nik, I dare you to .." Louis looked at Liam first before continuing and he nodded.




"Dude, I didn't do anything!"


"It's scaring the living hell out of me, Liam is that really you?" I said jokingly


"Maybe his hungry?" niall said


"You're the one who's hungry silly!" I said and pinched his cheeks for 5 seconds


Niall chuckled


"Are you hungry li?" zayn asked


"Are you tired? Go get some rest" I said


"Did you grab a drink on the way to niki's photo shoot?" Louis asked


"Are you sick? Do you want us to bring you to a hospital?" I asked


He smiled at the ground and chuckled


"No I’m not. Seriously guys! I'm fine, I just don't know how to tell you guys this, but...” before he could continue Louis cut him off


"I knew it!! You're a clone!!!" he said


"No!! But I’ve been dating someone and  ..." this time I cut him off by hugging him and the others joined. We stumbled on the ground.


"Can't breathe!" Liam said


We pulled away.


"So who's the girl?" harry said with grin on his face


"Do you remember Danielle?"


"Danielle.. I think I’ve heard that name before." I said


Niall and Louis nodded.


"Danielle? Peazer?" zayn asked.


"Danielle, the dancer?" harry said with a surprised expression.


Liam smiled and blushed


"I remember her!! I grabbed coffee with her before." I said and a smile grew on my face.


Danielle’s really pretty even without any make-up. Just like the day we grabbed a coffee at star bucks, she was wearing a crop top, black leggings


"So, when did you two start dating?" harry asked


"About 2 months ago."


"I wanna see her again!" I said smiling


"Sure, I’ll bring her here tomorrow, if she's not busy and if we're not all busy too."


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