Steps To Stardom

She's just a small town girl from Dallas, Texas. But she becomes a superstar with her new family one direction. But who does she have an affair with? And about Amanda. She becomes a-a movie star! But what happens to her relationship with Harley? ��


1. The Contest

"OMG Harley guess what?!!" My friend Amanda says. I turn with a smile. "What?" "T-there's a contest! For a girl and a friend to be adopted by one direction!" She screams! "OMG OMG enter us!!" I say. Oh if I didn't tell you my names harley. My bestfriend and I live in an orphanage. *sigh* Amanda enters us in the contest and leaves my room. I sit there on my bed. What shall I do? I look over and happen to remember I have a piano. I print out notes to little things, and story of my life. I put my phone up to where I can take a video. I start to play little things. But I sing. I've always wanted to try out for the X-Factor. I record both songs. I listen to both and figure out which one sounds better. Definitely little things! I look back at the website. I decided to send the video. A couple of days later I got good news. "Harleyyyyy!!! We won the contest!!" Amanda yells running in my room. Buzz buzz my phone rings. "Hello?" "Hi, are you Harley Jester?" They say. "Yes, and this is?" "We revived your audition video. And you have been accepted to come and perform on the X-Factor." "Omg really! Thank you! Alright bye!" I start jumping around and so does Amanda. We wait and wait until, they come in. "Hello girls!" Liam says. Finally one direction comes to pick us up.

Hey guys sorry for the short chapter! I'll update later tonight! But it's almost Christmas!!! Should I make a Christmas fan fic? Well gtg byeee! -xoxo harley

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