Steps To Stardom

She's just a small town girl from Dallas, Texas. But she becomes a superstar with her new family one direction. But who does she have an affair with? And about Amanda. She becomes a-a movie star! But what happens to her relationship with Harley? ��


3. Little Things

Niall's POV

Why did she say that? I wanna ask her but it would be awkward! What if she does like me! "Hey umm harley?" "Yea what's up?!" She says flipping her hair. "What you said on the chat.... Was it true?" She just stares out the ground looking like she's going to cry. I lift her head up. "What's wrong love?" "I lied on the chat. I didn't mean to say it. I-I-" she gets interrupted by Liam coming in. "Hey guys! Niall can I talk to harley?" I shake my head and leave. I decide to go to Amanda's room. I bust through her door and talley her on her bed. "NIALL! What are you doing?!" She says laughing. "I WANNA CUDDLE!" I wrap my arms round her and settle down. She's so beautiful. Her long wavy brown hair, her soft and gentle skin, and her smile. It makes me feel all weird inside whenever I see her. She turns so she's facing me. I put a piece of hair behind her ear. "You're beautiful Amanda!" She starts to blush so she put her head on my chest. "Niall?" She picks her head up and we look in each other's eyes. "Be mine?" I say. She leans in for alias and so do I. "I guess that's a yes." She giggles and we lay in bed and watch movies for the rest of the day.

Liam's POV

I walk in happen to see Niall in Harley's room. I ask for him to leave so I can talk to harley. "Harley you okay?" She shakes her head and sits up on her bed. "Why did you come in here for?" She asks while wiping a tear. "Oh yea..!" I get up and go on her side of the bed and kneel down. "Be mine?" The most wonderful smile appears on her face. She starts playing with my hair. "Yes." She whispers in my ear. I get up and lay her on the floor. I take off my shirt and start to do my daily 120 push-ups. Every time I come down I kiss her. She watches me and plays with my hair. She's so pretty when her hair is all spread out on the floor. Kiss kiss kiss. 118, 119, 120.. The last push up I stay locked on her lips for a while. We get up and lay down and fall asleep in each other's arms.

Hey guys sorry I haven't been updating. I lost my phone XD! But I will update again ASAP! But you guys should go and follow my Instagram! It's my personal! @__jesterrrr xoxo -Harley :*

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