Be My Solid Ground

You know the kid at school with no friends? The kid who gets beaten up and teased by the populars? That little boy in the corner of the classroom? That's Zayn. Zayn Malik!

Read to find out how Zayn copes with all the bullying, name calling and bitching behind his back.


1. Under the tree

Zayn's POV


''Your so weak. Come on, HIT ME!'' Brian dared, throwing his arms up to get me to hit him, but I wouldn't. Violence is never the answer, as far as I know. I shook my head again, pushing my glasses back to the brim of my nose. Brian and his 'gang' roared with laughter, before attacking me with kicks and slap. I winced at each one, but didn't say a word, instead I made my way back to my lesson, Maths!


''Zayn, why were you so late going to the loo?'' Mr Lee stood with his arms folded across his chest impatiently. 


''He needed a huge poo, in my view.'' Zoe, who happened to be Brain's girlfriend, mumbled, sending everyone into fits of laughter.


''Sorry sir, it won't happen again.'' I whimpered, hopeful no one would hear me, seeing as I don't talk much at school. Mr Lee nodded and pointed at my seat, indicating that I should go sit. I walked over to my seat and sat down, not being bothered for once. Soon enough I let my head rest on my arms, and I fell into a deep slumber, with murmurs going around the class.


I was waken by the school bell ringing for break, and sighed in relieve that I don't have to cope with any more nasty comments from these monsters. I sat up, stretched and got out of my seat, packing all my books into my bag and walking straight out of the classroom. On my way to the field, where I go every break and lunch, I fixed my black quiff back to place, and slung my bag back over my shoulder. In less than ten minutes, I had arrived at my area, right down the bottom of the field. I sat down under a tree, dropping my bag next to me. I was about to get my book out, when I heard a  little yawn coming from behind another tree. I looked up to see a girl who looked about my age, leaning back against the tree, trying not to fall asleep. Her black hair fell down her back in slight waves, and her brown skin shone under the bright sun. She was wearing a dark green beanie and a checkered shirt which was tucked into her skinny jeans. Her arm was resting against her bag and she kept falling onto it. I smiled to myself for a minute but turned around and got back to my book.


I had almost finished the whole book, when the bell decided to interrupt, so I got up and pulled my bag up with me. I looked back at the tree with the girl, but she was gone. I shrugged, dropping my book into my bag and hurrying off to PE.

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