Missing Memories

Ash lost her memory after seeing her best friend get slaughtered in the arena. After a few months in the hospital where they try to get her memory back, she is being discharged, with the note that she might never get her full memory back. A few breakdowns later, she is a total shipwreck.

When she is being reaped for the 74th Hunger Games, she is glad. She can finally look in the eyes of people around her and not feel the pity.


1. prologue.


"Don't kid yourself."


Maybe it was for the best. Maybe my efforts to safe him were all that he needed to get past all of it. He will probably never know why I did this, and I know that, but I found peace with that.

I know that he doubts my decision to throw myself in front of him, and I too know that he will help me get better. The second the arrow hits my shoulder, I groan in pain. He is smart, but I am smarter. In pain, I let an arrow fly and hit him in the heart, killing him. My first kill that isn't to save Peeta in here. It is the first kill that is completely for myself.

“You are stupid,” Peeta snaps at me, putting pressure on the wound, using something I have no idea of what it is. “Don’t you ever try to do that again.” I stare, angry. Who was he kidding? I have just saved his life. He takes over the satchel that I have been carrying ever since we said goodbye at the cornucopia, where I snatched up the bow and two backpacks close to us, against his will. He had wanted me to run off, which would have been smarter. “If you try this again, you are seriously going to get yourself killed.”

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