Justin Bieber | Just a game?

Todd: Let's bet about it, You can't score a loser chick around here.
Justin: I'm in.
Matt: Her. She is perfect.
Todd: Emma Peterson.
Justin: That's easy.

-Will he win?
-Will she fall into his trap?
-What about her heart?
-Is this just a game?


2. Remember me?


Everybody hated mondays. I did too.


I drived with Daniella to school. 

I walked inside, saw my friends and walked towards them. 


Emma: Heey guys.

Mike: Heey 

Ally: Hi

Dani: Hey

Emma: What time is it? 


Dani looked at his phone.


Dani: 08.15

Ally: I have to go, my class starts in 15 minutes.

Dani: Me too.

Mike: See you later Em. 

Emma: Yeah. 


I walked to my locker and wrote the code. .

It opened up as it always did.

I looked down the hall. 

Justin was standing with his friends. laughing. 

He looked at me and smiled.

I looked into my locker.

I heard Justin talking.


Justin: Aye, see you guys later.


I sneeked a peek and saw the guys walking away. 

Justin walked towards me. 

I looked into my locker again. 


Justin wrapped his arm around my waist. 


Justin: Aye. 


I looked at him and smiled.


Emma: Hey. 

Justin: Remember me?

Emma: I don't remember that much from that party, but yeah.


Justin turned me around, so i was standing face to face with him. 

He leaned forward and tried to kiss me. 

I moved my head.


Justin: What's wrong babe?

Emma: Don't call me babe. 

Justin: What's wrong? 

Emma: You can't just kiss me. 

Justin: Hallo, we already did?

Emma: I was wasted. 

Justin: Me too. 

Emma: I'm not that easy to get. 

Justin: Come on, i'm Justin Bieber. The most popular guy at school. Nobody can say no to me.

Emma: I can. NO


I walked to class, a new year and new class mates.

I sat down at a table, all alone. 

I looked down at my book and was about to read, when i heard someone coming towards me.

The person sat down beside me. I looked up. ofcourse.

Justin sat beside me. 


Justin: Hey.


I looked down again. 

Why did he have to sit next to me? 

Mrs. Riley walked into class and smiled.


Mrs.Riley: Welcome back students, look at the person who is sitting next to you, cus that person is going to be your English partner for the rest of the semester. 


Emma(whispering): Fuck. 


I didn't want him to be my partner. Why me?


After some of my classes, it was lunch time.

I walked with Ally into the cafeteria.


Ally: So, why is it that Justin was talking to you earlier?

Emma: Oh, it doesn’t matter.

Ally: Yes it does, what did the sexiest hottest popular badass want with you? You are like nothing compared to the cheerleader’s captain. I love you, but you could turn the gaming, racing, eating, farting, burping and smoking down A LOT down. You’re like a dude, with no penis.

Emma: I like who I am, and you know I’m not a girly girl.

Ally: No, you’re more like a I’m sitting here, gaming GTA V, in my batman jumpsuit looking like crap, and eating a lot kinda girl.


I laughed.


Emma: Yup, that’s me.


We walked to the food lady and looked at the food.


Emma: Uh, a cheeseburger!

Ally: Oh stop eating that kinda crap.

Emma: I like that kinda crap.


I took the cheeseburger and a Pepsi.

We walked to the table, where Dani and Mike were sitting and started eating.


Mike: So, Em. Wanna come at my place today and game?

Emma: Yeah, it’s sounds…

Ally: She can’t.

Emma: Why can’t i?

Ally: You promised me, to go find my prom dress.

Emma: Oh yeah. I’m sorry Mike.

Mike: It’s okay.


Justin came over and got down beside me with his food.


Justin: Hey.


I looked away.


Ally: Hey Justin.

Justin: Do I know you?

Ally: No

Justin: What’s your name?

Ally: I’m Ally.

Justin: Cool, hey Ally.


Ally got close to my ear and whispered.


Ally (whispering): He said hey Ally


She was so cute, when she fangirled.


Emma: I feel sick.


I got up and walked away.


Justin (Thinking): Why can’t I score this chick? I know it’s not becomes I’m ugly. 

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