Justin Bieber | Just a game?

Todd: Let's bet about it, You can't score a loser chick around here.
Justin: I'm in.
Matt: Her. She is perfect.
Todd: Emma Peterson.
Justin: That's easy.

-Will he win?
-Will she fall into his trap?
-What about her heart?
-Is this just a game?


1. Party.

Daniella: Come on Emma! 


Daniella was my big sister, she was 18, one year older then me. She was one of the popular girls, but she always took care of me. 


I ran to her room.


Emma: I'm ready, i'm waiting for you. 

Daniella: Oh yeah. Hold on. 


She made a duckface and took on her pink lipstick. 

i laughed. 


Daniella: What?

Emma: You made a duckface.


Daniella laughed with me. 


Daniella: Let's go. 


We drove to the party at Todd Smith's house.


Daniella: You're friends are meeting you there, right?

Emma: Yeah. 

Daniella: Good, cuz i love you but i dont want to be seen at hot Todd's house with you. 

Emma: That's okay. 


We got to the party and the music was so loud. 

I hugged Daniella goodbye, and she was gone pretty fast. 

I found my friends. Ally, Mike and Dani. 


Ally: Hey Emma! 

Emma: Hey guys!

Dani: Let's go in, i wanna dance with some ladies!


We laughed and walked in. 


Mike: Woaw, that is alot of people!

Ally: Emma! Look! There is Justin!

Emma: So?

Ally: I want to dance with him. 

Mike: Good luck. 


After a couple of hours, the party was really awesome. 

I was dancing with Ally. 


Todd: Let's bet about it, You can't score a loser chick around here.
Justin: I'm in.
Matt: Her. She is perfect.
Todd: Emma Peterson. 

Justin: That's easy. 


Justin walked towards me, and started dancing infront of me. 


Justin: Hey, i'm Justin. 

Emma: Hey.

Justin: Emma, right?

Emma: Yeah. 

Justin: Wanna do get a beer with me?

Emma: Sure. 


We walked outside and into a room, full of beer's


Justin: What kinda beer do you want?

Emma: You choose. 


Justin looked around.


Justin: Wait!

Emma: What?


Justin pushed me into a little closet with him. 


Emma(Whispering): What is it?

Justin(Whispering): Somebody is coming. 


He looked up and we made eyecontact. 


Justin: You're so beautiful. 


We stood really really close. 


Justin: I could kiss you. 


I was a little waisted. 


He looked at my lips. 

I licked them and smiled.

He grapped my back with both of his arms. 

He pulled me closer and kissed me. 

He was good at it. 


Justin: You're an amazing kisser. 


We kissed again and he wrapped his arms around me. 


We walked upstairs again and danced.




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