Justin Bieber | Just a game?

Todd: Let's bet about it, You can't score a loser chick around here.
Justin: I'm in.
Matt: Her. She is perfect.
Todd: Emma Peterson.
Justin: That's easy.

-Will he win?
-Will she fall into his trap?
-What about her heart?
-Is this just a game?


12. I’m trusting me.

I packed the rest of my stuff. I was leaving tomorrow.


I looked at my pictures of me, Ally, Mike and Dani. I was going to miss them so much. I just had to suck it up. Cuz Washington was my dream.


I was packing my clothes, when I grapped the red dress I wore on our first date.

A tear rolled down my cheek. I wiped it away and threw it on the ground.

I wanted to tell Justin that I was leaving, but he wouldn’t understand.


It was like I was torn, ripped down the middle.

What was behind all the shadows I knew?

They were hiding my secrets that no one knew.

I’m felling scared for what I see, but I have to give it all. I’m trusting me.


I had packed the rest of my stuff.

I looked around in my room.

An empty bed. 

Empty closet.

Empty desk.

Empty walls.


I had so many memories in this room.


It was here I grew up; it was here I became besties with Ally. It was here I had my first time. It was here I cried my heart out.

Maybe it was good for me to get out of all this.


I needed to start over. A new life. A new me. 


I haven’t read any of Justin’s text’s yet.

I sat down on my empty bed and opened the conversation.



04.35 PM. Emma. I’m sorry.

04.54 PM. Please listen to me.

05.14 PM. I need you.

05.46 PM. I didn’t know you, when I made that bet.

06.23 PM. You’re such an amazing person.

07.34 PM. Please listen to me.

10.45 PM. I won’t smile again, before you forgive me.


I locked my phone and walked into Daniella’s room.


Emma: Hey.

Daniella: Hey.

Emma: I can’t believe I’m leaving in the morning.

Daniella: Yeah, I’m going to miss you. It won’t be the same without you.

Emma: I will miss you too.


Daniella hugged me.


Daniella: You’re the best little sister in the world Emma, did you know that?

Emma: I love you too Daniella. 


I slept besides Daniella that night.

She wanted me to be as close to her, as I could.

I feel asleep while holding her hand. 

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