Give Me Love Z.M

"I'll do anything to protect you, no matter what." he whispers. I wrap my arms around him pulling him into a hug and he places his chin on my shoulder. "It's not your job to."
I whisper back into his neck. "Well it is now."
Zayn Malik is the new student at my high school. Things start happening between us. Is it true love? I don't know. I've never been in love with someone.


9. The One

"Spend the night." I say resting my head on his chest.

"Of course." He says running his hands through my hair. "I want to live for the moment I'm having with you right now, cause everything else is uncertain." "Hey. Don't steal my quote!" I say giggling as he grins down at me.

"I just couldn't help it." He says.

"I got a bad boy I must admit it, you got my heart don't know how you did." I sang to him. "I'm pretty sure you know how I stole your heart, my charm and good looks." I let out a loud fake laugh, even though all of those things are true. He squeezes me tight in his arms and starts tickling me.

"In case you haven't noticed I don't like being tickled." I say. "And that's why I did it, it's payback." He says giving me one of his cute smiles. "That's mean."

I say moving away from his arms to the other side of the couch, pouting my lip. "Babe..don't be like that, come back over here I miss you already." He says, but I don't move. He knows I'm teasing him, but I'm just going to keep this going for a little while longer.

He slowly starts coming closer to me, putting his soft lips on my neck. "Forgive me, Love?"

He says still kissing my neck.

"I don't know..I'm kind of enjoying this right now." I say closing my eyes. He proceeds and kisses me lower. I connect my lips with his and he gets on top of me, his necklace dangling. He kisses my stomach which was already exposed from the crop top and he continued going higher.

"You smell so good." He mumbles reaching up higher to place kisses on my collarbone.

I slowly start unbuttoning his shirt and pull it off of him.

I get a full view of his abs and his many tattoos. And then I stop.

I sit up and Zayn looks at me confused. "What's wrong?" He asks touching my arm.

"I'm sorry.. I want it just as much as you do, but we've only known each other for a few days." I say pulling my shirt down. "It's ok." He says kissing my head. He picks his shirt up off the floor to put it back on but I stop him.

"I'm fine if you keep it off.." I say looking at him and biting my lip. He grins throwing it back on the floor and kisses me. "Tell me what all of these tattoos mean."

I say poking his hard chest.

He leans back into the couch and I place my legs on top of his while laying my head on a pillow.

"Well.. I love skulls in case you haven't noticed, I guess I've always just had a thing for them. The Zap one I got because I've always wanted to save people and I love super heroes. The microphone is because I love singing but I kind of keep that one covered because it's a secret passion I've always had."

He says as he points to each one. I was kind of zoning out, I was too busy staring at him. "Babe?" He says moving his hand back and forth in my face. "Hmm?" I say connecting my eyes with his. "Why are you staring at me?" He smirks.

"It's kind of hard not to, like you're a fucking god." I say blushing. He laughs and pulls me onto his lap. He grabs my hand and places it onto his warm chest. "You feel that?" He asks not moving his eyes off of mine. I nod getting a tingling feeling in my hand. "My heart beats for you, and for you only." He says kissing me.

I knew right then that he was the one.

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