Give Me Love Z.M

"I'll do anything to protect you, no matter what." he whispers. I wrap my arms around him pulling him into a hug and he places his chin on my shoulder. "It's not your job to."
I whisper back into his neck. "Well it is now."
Zayn Malik is the new student at my high school. Things start happening between us. Is it true love? I don't know. I've never been in love with someone.


11. Old Friends


 We get to the restaurant and sit down at a table, Zayn wouldn't stop staring at me the whole time. "What?" I ask trying to hide my face with the menu. "I just like looking at you, the way your eyes sparkle, and the way you smile when you look at me."
 He confesses. I smile at him sweetly and look back down at my menu. "Lexa?" A familiar voice says. I look up at the person and memories come rushing back. 


We layed tucked under a blanket watching movies. My head was against his chest and he was holding me close. "Lex?" He says, with his thick Irish accent. "Yes, Niall?" I ask smiling and looking up at my best friend. 
"I have to tell you something.." 
He says his finger playing with the edge of the blanket. "You can tell me anything Nialler." I say placing my hand on his arm.
 "Well this is kind of hard to say Lexa, I've always wanted us to be more than friends. I've liked you for forever but now I finally have the guts to say it." "Niall." I say, not making eye contact with him. 
"I can be whatever you want me to be, can you just give me a chance?" He pleas putting his fingers underneath my chin making me look up at him.
 He leans in trying to kiss me,
 I move away and stand up.  
 "Niall I'm sorry..I can't do this." 
I say grabbing my things and running out the door. 

End of Flashback*

"Niall!" I yell and run to give him a hug. "I haven't seen you in forever." I say moving away and looking at him. "I've been away, touring and making an album."
 He says. "That's amazing!" I say hugging him once again. 
"Are you going to introduce me or am I just gonna sit here?" Zayn asks making Niall and I both pull away and look at him. Then I snapped back to reality, I'm dating Zayn, Niall is the past.
 "I'm sorry babe, Niall this is Zayn my boyfriend." I say pulling Zayn up and grabbing his arm.
"Hey mate, nice to meet ya."
 Niall says reaching out and shaking Zayn's hand being the kind person that he is. 
 I could tell Zayn was jealous, his jaw was clenched and his face just looked totally pissed. 
"So um. How do you and Lexa know each other?" Zayn asked  pulling me into his chest, and wrapping his arms around me tight. I guess to show that I was his. "Um. Well we used to be really good friends, then things changed." Niall says looking at me then biting his lip. "Oh." Zayn says looking at me, raising his eyebrows. "I've got to go, I'm meeting up with some mates." Niall says shoving his hands in his front pockets. He nods at Zayn then comes over to me giving me one last hug. "Make sure he treats you right." He whispers to me then pulls away. I nod then give him a tiny smile as he walks away. "Should I be worried about him?" Zayn asks gestering for me to sit back down.
 "No, he's harmless." I say glancing over my shoulder at Niall. "I take it you guys were more then just friends." Zayn says taking a drink of water.
"Zayn? Are you jealous?"
 I laugh, reaching across the table and grabbing his hand.
 "Yes I am." He admits. 
"We were never more than friends, he wanted us to be more but I didn't want to be." I say looking Zayn in the eye, hoping he sees that I'm telling the truth. "Good cause I thought I was gonna have to beat up another one of your exes." He smiles giving my hand a tight squeeze. 

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