Give Me Love Z.M

"I'll do anything to protect you, no matter what." he whispers. I wrap my arms around him pulling him into a hug and he places his chin on my shoulder. "It's not your job to."
I whisper back into his neck. "Well it is now."
Zayn Malik is the new student at my high school. Things start happening between us. Is it true love? I don't know. I've never been in love with someone.


15. My Protector


"Babe what's your middle name?" Zayn asks me. "Nunya." I say smiling at him. "Nunya?" He asks raising an eyebrow and looking very confused. 
"Yeah nunya business." 
I say laughing and putting my head on his chest. He chuckles deeply and shakes his head at my poorly made joke. 
"Come on love I'm being serious." He whines kissing my cheek and waiting for me to answer.
 "Fine it's Nicole." I finally tell him. "That's almost as beautiful as your first name." He tells me. 
I look up and smile sweetly at him. 
"Oh stop it you cheeky fuck." 
I say giggling. 
"Come on I know you love it." 
He says with a grin tugging at his lips. I playfully push his face, not denying what he just said. "Maybe that's true." I tell him.
 I hear a loud knock at the door  and I start to move off of Zayn, but he stops me. "I'll get it."
 He says pecking my lips and going downstairs. I hear Zayn open the door but I can't tell who he's talking to. 
I walk down the stairs curiously and see someone who I never wanted to see again. Michael. "You need to leave." Zayn says trying to close the door on him. Michael stops the door with his foot. 
"What are you doing here?" I ask stepping in front of Zayn.
 "Lexa go back upstairs." Zayn demands trying to push me behind him. "I came here for you. Because like I said we're done when I say we are." He says walking closer to me. 
I grab onto Zayn's arm hoping he'll protect me from this nightmare in front of me. "No. She said that she was done with you a long time ago, so I suggest you get the fuck out before I make you." Zayn angrily said. I knew he was going to be losing his temper soon. 
"Here's the thing I don't care what she said, she's still mine and she always will be." That's when Zayn lost it. He shoves Michael against the wall and starts punching him in the face. 
"Zayn stop!" I yell trying to pull him off of Michael. Michael tries to fight back but Zayn had him pinned. "Zayn please!!"
 Zayn moves his arm back ready to punch him again but when he swings his arm back his elbow hits me in the eye. I fall to the floor in pain. Zayn turned around and was about to help me, but Michael takes the chance to hit him right in the jaw. I gasp as I watch this happen. Zayn shakes the punch off and hits Michael once more. Michael can't balance himself anymore and he lands on the floor, his eyes lock with mine."Don't think that this is over." He says to me. Zayn grabs him by the collar and throws him out the door. 
"Baby let me see your eye." 
Zayn says getting on the floor next to me. He looks at it and I could tell that he felt horrible. 
He touches it gently and a tear streamed down my face. 
 "I'm so sorry." He wipes away the tear and kisses me. 
"It's fine Zayn, I'm more worried about you." I say taking a look at his jaw. "That doesn't matter." He says moving my hand away. "Thank you for that." I smile at him sweetly. "I've gotta protect what's mine." He whispers, pulling me into a tight hug. "I think you have a thing for punching people in the face."
 I laugh. "Only the assholes." 
He replies. 

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