Give Me Love Z.M

"I'll do anything to protect you, no matter what." he whispers. I wrap my arms around him pulling him into a hug and he places his chin on my shoulder. "It's not your job to."
I whisper back into his neck. "Well it is now."
Zayn Malik is the new student at my high school. Things start happening between us. Is it true love? I don't know. I've never been in love with someone.


8. Incredible


"Now as I was saying you and your partner need to take pictures with each other and make a scrapbook, writing inside your favorite quotes, song lyrics, and desires it will be due in a few weeks." She says as Zayn puts his arm on the back of my chair, moving me closer to him.
"Oh and I expect some sketches as well with lots of details I don't want you to throw it together in five minutes!" She says walking over to her desk. "We can do that after school." Zayn says playing with strands my hair. "Okay." 
I say putting my head on his chest. 

~Skip to End of School~

I run out to the parking lot with Zayn chasing after me.
 "You can't catch me!" I laugh. 
He grabs my waist spinning me around. "Oh really now." He grins holding onto me. I sigh in defeat. "Your too damn fast it's not fair!" I pout. "Next time I'll give you a head start." He smirks kissing my forehead and putting me down. I entertwin my hand with his and we walk to his car. He follows me to my side opening up the car door. "Are you ever gonna let me open it?"
 I smile sliding into my seat.  "Nope." he says closing it. 
He buckles himself in and before he starts the car he leans over the seat pressing his lips on mine. He turns on the radio and pulls out of the parking lot. We arrive to my house, he has to open up my car door and allow me to get out. I unlock the front door and go inside going to the kitchen getting drinks and some crisps. I go in the living room and Zayn's sprowled out on the couch leaving me no room to sit. "You comfortable enough?" 
I laugh trying to move his legs. "No cause your not here." 
he says grabbing my hand and pulling me on top of his lap.
 "Now I am." He smirks.
 " this project. What are we gonna do?" I ask snuggling up close, breathing in his cologne.   "Well we can write down the quotes and stuff." He says, I reach over and grab a notebook and pen from the coffee table.
 "Ok give me quote." I say playing with his fingers. "I don't know Um......." He thinks. "Great quote." 
I giggle. He shakes his head with a huge grin on his face and tickles my side.  "I'm trying to think of one no need to make fun of me, love." 
"Ok sorry!" I smile taking his hands off me. " about.." he starts to say making a clicking noise with his tongue. "Any day now." I say poking him with the pen. " "I can't think of one at the moment." "I've got one, Live for the moment because everything else is uncertain." 
I say scribbling it down. "Thats a really good one." Zayn says. "You think of any yet?" I ask looking up at him. "Nope we should do song lyrics  now because I can think of a lot." 
He says. He starts humming and I couldn't figure out what song it was. "What are you humming?" I ask curiously. "A song." He says. "Well what song?" I smile lightly at him.  "You should let me love you by Mario." He says.  "I don't think I've heard that..You should sing it." "I can't really sing.." He says looking down. "Please?" I plead tracing circles on his hand. He nods and there was silence for a few seconds till he started. 

Baby I just don't get it, do you enjoy being hurt? I know you smelled the perfume, the make-up on his shirt. You don't believe his stories, you know that they're all lies. Bad as you are, you stick around and I just don't know why. 
 If I was ya man baby you'd never worry bout what I do I'd be coming home back to you every night do you right. You're the type of woman deserves good things fist full of diamonds hand full of rings Baby your a star I just want to show you, you are. 
You should let me love you, let me be the one to give you everything you want and need Baby good love and protection, make me your selection show you the way loves supposed to be. Baby you should let me love you,love you,love you, yeah.

I was totally mesmerized by his voice. He sounded like an angel and it was so beautiful. "Zayn..that was amazing." I say with the biggest smile on my face. I put my hand on the back of his neck and pull his lips onto mine.  
"I haven't gotten that song out of my head sense I met you." he says pulling away and slowly snakes his arms around my waist.
 "You're incredible." I whisper in his ear. He grins making my heart skip a beat and kisses me again. 


~Author's Note~

OMG I got like really emotional when I was typing the lyrics to that song!!! 

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