love story

rinad gamal is a regular girl from egypt,went to london in a school trip for a week ,and this week have changed her life after meeting harry styles what's happend??


13. way to much to handle

Rinad's pov.

After harry made our relationship official , i got a lot of hate because i am 13 and he is 19 ,and my mother didn't like that at all,i was really confused to what i am going to do but i have to think and be 100% sure of what i will choose.

Harry's pov.

i was very sad because all the hate that came to Rinad and i didn't no what to do until my phone goes off and it's Rinad.''hello babe , i missed you'' i began to talk

''Harry, i..i need to talk to you now'' she told me and i knew she was crying.

'' okay babe , i will come to your hotel room now but what's wrong and why you are crying'' i asked with curiosity.

''you will know but please come now, please,bye''

''bye, i am coming''and i hung up the phone .

i went to the car after i put my shoes and went to see her as fast as i could.when i arrived ,i knocked the door and she opened.''what's wrong?'' i asked 

''come in'' she begin '' Harry you know that i've been receiving a lot of hate lately and it's hard for me.and you know that i am younger than you with 6 years and that why i am getting all this hate so i decided to do something that you won't agree with me on it but i have to do it and you will know that's better for the two of us''

''what do you want to say now cause i am worried'' i said

''we have to break up'' my eyes begin to tear ''and you won't see me again Harry, i will return to egypt and you have to date someone who deserve you and i know i will forget about me .......''

and then i couldn't listen , i interrupted her, crying  ''no , i..i will never forget you , okay ,i love you,you are the only one i loved in my life Rinad''

'' i have to do this Harry,it's way to much to handle , okay , i didn't want to do that but i have to , i have to go away and let you be happy'' me and her are crying.

''okay, fine , go , but i want to tell you that i will never forget you and you will always be the love of my life , i don't care about the age but i care about you '' as i begin to talk ,she jumped in my lap and while we too are crying ,i heard her whisper '' i will miss you a lot harry ,i love you too ''


A/N:hey guys, what do you think till now , i wanna say only that it's not the last chapter,i hate sad stories so of course it's not the last, and please guys like and favorite and comment , if you like it cause i don't see anyone like it so please do that so i can keep on writing.

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