love story

rinad gamal is a regular girl from egypt,went to london in a school trip for a week ,and this week have changed her life after meeting harry styles what's happend??


4. The phone call

Rinad's pov.

I can't believe what just happend and sara too,Harry Styles have my phone number. After Sara and I returned to the hotel , we told the others.Yara didn't believe us so we told her that i can let her see his phone number , Nada was screaming and Cherihane was asking me alot of questions , and i knew that he will never gonna call me.

The next morning , my phone rang and it was harry so i answered it after i making myself calm :

''hello'' i said

''hi, i am harry''

''you really called''

''yeah, i wanna ask you if we can hangout tonight?''

''sure , but i am in a school trip and i have to ask my teacher first.''

''ok, call me after you ask him,bye''


And now i was running to my teacher when Yara stopped me and asked me why i am running so i told her everything but she screamed and ofcourse the others came out of their rooms so i told them and i found myself after that running again to the teacher.

He agrred but he told me that i should take my freinds with me so i said yes . And after that i went to tell them the good news.

Harry's pov.

I was watching the t.v with the boys when my phone rang ,it was Rinad ,she was calling me to tell me if we can hangout today so i answered :

''hello,did the teacher agree?''

''yeah , but he told that i should take my freinds with me.''

''sure , no problem and i can get my freinds too''

''ok , i am in the hotel right now''

''i can pick you in 20 m''

''sure, bye''


So after that i told the boys to get ready

Rinad's pov.

After harry and i call , i went to tell the girls . they were very exited to meet one direction . we went to our rooms , changed our clothes and run to the elevator. we went outside to wait until they come.


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