love story

rinad gamal is a regular girl from egypt,went to london in a school trip for a week ,and this week have changed her life after meeting harry styles what's happend??


12. Official

Rinad's pov.

I can't live if he died , the airplane was long but when i arrived at the airport, i found zayn and liam waiting for me. we went off with liam's car to the hospital.

i found harry in coma , i couldn't stand up , this is all my fault ,i began to have problems in breathing and i couldn't see anything and i blacked out.

zayn's pov

she blacked out , louis and niall tried to wake her and me and liam called the doctor . he told us she's fine but she have to take a rest.

Louis's pov.

why is that happening to us, first:harry go to the hospital and then rinad black out , she's like a sister to me.

Rinad's pov.

i woke up next to harry looking at me so i just hugged him and then asked the boys what happened and they told me that i blacked out,and after like 5 hours harry woke  up.

Harry's pov.

when i woke up , i have found the boys standing right next to me but i couldn't thing about anyone exept rinad, i have to see her.i asked the boys about her and they told me that when they called her to tell her about the car crash ,she came here as fast as she could and the bad news is that she blacked out after she found me in a coma.stupid coma.

next day she woke up and without thinking she hugged me , it's the happiest day in my life cuz she isn't mad of me because .....well .....cheating on her.

''harry , what are you feeling now?''she asked me ,she was very worried about me

''i am good and you're not mad of me''

''you had this accident because of me harry, how i will still be mad of you''

''no, this accident wasn't because of you rinad, i love you and.....uhm i want to make our relationship official on our next interview n ellen show after 1 week''

''oh, you very much''

''owwwww''every one said

****After 1 week****

'' hello everybody, today we have the biggest band in the world , please welcome one direction''ellen intreduced us in the show....................................after have the show...................

''Guys , every girl here want to know , who's single''ellen asked , i didn't raise my hand.

''harry , we all thought that you are single''

''no, i have a girlfreind and she is the most beautiful,her name is rinad gamal and she's from egypt''

''great , now let's continue''.......................................................................

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