love story

rinad gamal is a regular girl from egypt,went to london in a school trip for a week ,and this week have changed her life after meeting harry styles what's happend??


6. I love you

Harry's pov.

Yesterday was great , i kissed Rinad,it was magical and i felt butterflies in my stomach. Icalled her but she didn't answer, ofcourse she was sleeping.

So i called louis and told him that i am very happy and told him the reason and what happend with me and Rinad yesterday.

Rinad's pov.

The days passed quickly,me and Harry begin to be very close and know everything about each other.Harry and me went to meet his parents and i think they started to love me and i started to love Harry but i don't know what he felt for me.

Today, i am leaving to Egypt again and i don't know if i will see Harry again.Sara , Yara , Nada , Cherihane and i were going to the plane when someone called my name from behind.

It was Harry and there was alot of fans and oaps in front of the airport.

''harry, ehat are you doing here? i said while i was running to hug him.

_ I came here to say goodbye, he said and hugged me back.

_ Thank you for coming

_ I came to tell you something too,he said.

_What?? i asked.

_ i..i love you,Rinad.

_I love you too harry.''

Then he leaned down and kissed me , there were cameras every where but we didn't care.

I told Harry goodbye , i started to cry and he did too in the same time Sara and Yara was standing behind me and they were very happy for me . we went to the plane and sat down talking to the girls.

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