Strange Noises

It was a friday night. Kelsey was sitting alone in her room. Her sister and brother were in the kitchen to make some food. Their parents were at a party. All of Kelsey's friends were at a party too. She wasn't invited, but she kept getting messages from her friends, asking why she isn't at the party. She ignored it. 'Give me the nutella' her littlesister Michelle yelled. Her big brother Tyler said:' Okay princess' in a sarcastic voice. Kelsey smiled.

It was 1:47 am, Kelsey couldn't sleep. She layed in her bed with her eyes wide open for a while. 'Hm, maybe my parents haven't come home yet' she thought. Usually, when her parents were at parties, they used to sleep there. She took her iPhone and checked her facebook. She took her earphones and plugged it in, to her phone. She wanted to listen to some music. Then suddenly, she saw a shadow at the window. Her heart beated as fast as it could. Did she just see a ghost or was it a dream? She rubbed her eyes, then the shadow was gone.


1. Strange Noises: City of Shadows


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